The right tools mean everything. Sure, you can get by with a little ingenuity and a lot of luck, but there is something to be said about how easy a job is with the correct tools.

Recently, Circle Track got a new pit wagon from Irvan-Smith. It's going to be a vital piece of equipment when it comes to setup and track testing project cars moving forward. But an empty pit wagon isn't much help. It needs to be filled the right tools for all of the jobs that need to be done in the shop and at the track. For all of the setup tools we need, we called Longacre Racing Products. They supplied us with a long list of specialty tools that are essential to any racer running a serious program. Depending on what division you race in, you may not need everything we have listed here, but the majority of it should be in your shop or on your race trailer.

Although we haven't started acquiring hand tools, most of our specialty tools are covered and we are almost ready to hit the track.

Longacre Racing Products
Irvan-Smith Inc.
1027 Central Dr.
NC  28027