When it comes to pit carts and wagons, your specific needs are going to dictate what cart or wagon will work best for you. The staff at Irvan-Smith are experts at custom tailoring a box to your needs, or getting you the standard wagon if that will work best for your budget and what you’re doing. From a small mobile toolbox, to a custom Cup-style pit box, Irvan-Smith can build a box or boxes to fit all of your pit needs.

Recently, Circle Track ordered a new pit wagon from Irvan-Smith. During the time it was being built, we thought it might be a good idea to show you just what goes into the centerpiece of your pit equipment. The following pages contain a brief look at how one of Irvan-Smith’s pit wagons start as raw tubing, and become a useful means of tool, parts, and equipment storage. Keep an eye out in future editorial for our new Irvan-Smith pit wagon whenever we work in the shop or head to the track.

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