Now that we are firmly entrenched in Wisconsin, we are about to undertake an ambitious run of four racetracks in four days. We started out from our KOA campground site in central WI, at Hixton, and traveled to State Park Speedway for a Thursday night event. SPS is located next to Rib Mountain State Park in Wausau, hence the name.

Next, we hit the road to Madison International Speedway, some 140 miles south for a Friday night show, then west to Elko Speedway on Saturday and finally wrapping up the string for a Sunday afternoon race at the high banked Slinger Speedway.

All in all, we will put 1,200 miles on the Tour bus and be on the road for six days. It was well worth it though, because we got to see some great promoting, innovative teams, and fans who would come to a race during the middle of the week and on Sundays. This issue, we will be highlighting the races at State Park and Madison Int. Speedways. Here goes.

State Park Speedway

SPS is an ASA affiliated track that is a quarter-mile in length, owned and operated by long time racers, Ron and Scott Wimmer. On this Thursday, it was very hot, hitting 94 degrees, while back in Florida, where I came from, it was only 84. The standard question when people saw where we were from was, “Did you come up north to cool off?” Evidently not.

The Wimmers are hands on owners and run this track very well. They had the services of Mike “Lumpy” Lempke on hand to oversee the tech’ing of the cars and I had the chance to finally meet Mike and talk a little bit about the current rules packages for ASA and others. The feeling among some racers and car owners is that the rules might be due for some review and changes made to reflect the way the cars are setup in this day and age.

Overall, I found that Mike was firm in his interpretation of the current rules, but fairly flexible about looking into next years and beyond wording of the rules. This is something that is ongoing with the staff at Circle Track and we find most sanctions and tracks to be willing to listen to us on various issues. And that is a start.

The Mid-American Stock Car Series was here on a scheduled appearance for their tour. This series is a very cool sanction for Sportsman car type of racing where you can bring your car to different racetracks, not spend a fortune doing that and receive a fair set of rules that allow for different engine packages and, somewhat, body styles.