Learning From Smokey
You didn't learn a thing from Smokey, did you? Racing has evolved so the young racer who can't build an engine or run a bead can go out and buy a race car and run heads up with 30 year vets!

We teach them that they can do anything and do not need to pay their dues. Why do you think NASCAR is so boring? All the same cars, too many rules. On the other hand, why are the Outlaw dirt guys so much fun?

There are so many ridiculous rules. Heaven forbid some guy or gal has creativity and still wants to enjoy trying something new! All you rule-ridden, brain dead old farts, as Smokey called them, are the ones ruining short track racing. Not the cheaters.

The better term would be the real racer. IMCA, NASCAR, and the Street Stock class with a big-block on the hood (what a dumbass-looking car) are all designed to slow folks down!

All the research and development just to put a leash on cars is ass-backwards to begin with! At my track, dirt guys get to race and we leave the crate engine-type rules for the tracks that have a bunch of candy asses racing there, and mommy wipes her son's nose after each race!

P.S.—feel free to call me and I can train (at a small fee) promoters to run a successful racetrack.

Mark Baldwin
Head Flagman/El Paso County Speedway


Thanks for your commentary. I have long argued for fewer rules. All in all, I think we mostly agree. I mentioned restrictive rules as one reason for the decline in racing, and if the rules were less restrictive, then racers could be more creative without incurring any penalty.

Smokey felt that racing should be a creative venture where the racer invented technology that spilled over to the automotive engineers. When racing got too restrictive, Smokey quit. It just wasn't fun anymore. And we're now seeing others take that course.

As far as cheating goes, remove the rules and there will be less cheating because with fewer rules, the racer will become inventive again and start to enjoy the experience. It has been shown that more restrictive rules and sealed motors promote cheating, not the other way around.

Your type of racing, dirt, has historically been a place where innovation is respected and allowed. Other forms of racing could learn something from the success of dirt tracks in this day and age.