Accurate Stagger
Starrett is a widely recognized name in the shops of race engine builders nationwide, but now the company is moving to the pit area too. Starrett's Stagger Pro 1000 brings a level of accuracy to tire specialists they've never before enjoyed. Instead of relying on a tape measure and a notepad, this tool requires a crew member to simply place the gauge around the tire, press a button then move to the other side of the car and repeat. The computer in the gauge automatically calculates tire diameters and the stagger difference at each corner—eliminating costly mental errors that seem to happen all too often when making last minute changes and adjustments.


Tilton's Three Chamber plastic reservoir makes mounting your brake and clutch master cylinders underneath the dash a lot easier. This new unit is based on the popular billet aluminum design but made from plastic to reduce costs. The three combined, but separate, reservoirs, feature a fiber-reinforced plastic construction for strength and a removable O-ring lid for easy access and maintenance. Tilton's own funnel-type baffle in the lid provides ventilation for equalized air pressure without allowing brake fluid to splash out of the container. The system is available in two styles to work with either push-on or AN-style lines.

Tilton Engineering

Powered By Cold
Cool Shirt's latest innovation is a cooling system that pulls no power from your car's electrical system. The new Dry-Cool system is powered by the cold in the system itself. You simply load the canister with dry ice and as the ice evaporates it pumps the coolant through the Cool Shirt. Cool Shirt says the Dry-Cool system provides air that's 20 degrees cooler than any system on the market today. There's also a dry-ice-powered cooling system to cool gear oil for race cars that don't have a good mounting location for traditional radiator-style coolers.

Cool Shirt

Easy Gauge
Here's a tool you'll probably never think you need until you see it in action. Longacre's new height checking gauge promises to make chassis height checks quicker, more accurate, and less dirty. By placing the tape measure inside this aluminum housing, chassis height checks no longer require crawling underneath the race car. The gauge can be zero'd out to any height for quick height comparisons at different points on the car, and a magnet holds the tape in place while you make notes.

Longacre Racing Products

Adjustable Bumpstops
Steel Rubber Products has a new pre-load adjustable bumpstop system that allows you to adjust the pre-load of your bumpstop stacks to alter the effective rate of the bumpstops without having to carry around a bunch of different bump rubbers. This also allows you to fine-tune your travel without affecting the timing of your stop engagement or even the air gap. The pre-load adjustable bumpstop system also increases the available compliance by allowing the use of softer bumpstops while still limiting wheel travel. For more on this product check out Bob Bolles' story, "Understanding Bumpstops" on page 42 of this issue.

Steele Rubber Products