Adjustable Sway Bar
Coleman's new Adjustable Sway Bar Arms promise to make adjustments to the sway bar pre-load a quick and simple process. Designed for most asphalt racing applications, this bar utilizes a pre-load adjuster on the left side. There's a roller bushing on the left arm, meanwhile, which helps eliminate binding on the lower control arm. Mounts can be had with either 48 or 49 splines to fit the bars in your inventory.

Coleman Racing Products

Mini-Stock Missile
Race Engineering has long been a go-to resource for Mini Stock racers, and its latest offering looks to give racers a serious power boost. Given the increasing scarcity of Ford's 2.3-liter four-cylinder head (commonly found on Pintos, Fox Mustangs, and Rangers), many racing classes require only a stock replacement head. Race Engineering's cast-iron 2.3 cylinder head fits that bill but with a definite performance twist. Updated combustion chambers improve the quality of combustion and new intake ports can flow as much as 218.8 cfm right out of the box. There are also improvements that make this head much more durable in racing applications compared to the stock head, including a thicker deck and reinforced cam towers.

Race Engineering

Billet Wide-Five
Joe's Racing Products displayed a prototype of its billet wide-five hub last year, but the finished product is finally available to racers now. A billet hub sounds expensive but actually has a very real benefit versus cast hubs. The billet aluminum hub isn't as brittle as a casting, and can withstand more shock in the event of a hard hit to the rearend. This probably won't save the hub, but it can be enough to protect other rearend and chassis components versus a cast hub which will break away quickly and allow the forces of impact to be transmitted to other components. The JRP design also uses a unique seal retainer with an O-ring on one side and a C-clip on the other. This allows the seal to be removed and reused multiple times, which can be a money saver for teams using low-bearing systems that require lots of maintenance. The seal system also allows you to run your hubs oil-filled or with the standard greased setup.

Joe's Racing Products

Improved Information
No matter how smart you are, "idiot lights" can provide a real benefit to just about any racer. After all, it's a lot easier to spot a light coming on in the heat of a race than it is to read your gauges and interpret what the numbers mean. Now Quick Car's upgraded LED gauge panels make the entire gauge an idiot light.

By using an LED ring around the gauge that can change color, the lighted gauges flash to red when there's a problem, alerting you immediately and in a manner that's difficult to miss, even when racing fender-to-fender with the competition. The gauges are also mounted in rubber grommets that provide additional resistance to vibration than traditional hard-mounting systems. And best of all, the system's made in the USA.

Quick Car

Holy Roller Rods
Scat may have just given birth to the latest design trend when it comes to lightweight connecting rods. Scat's engineers determined that there is more material than necessary underneath the journal end of practically every rod in existence. So to get rid of some of that weight in its new 4340 Ultra Light connecting rod, Scat simply drilled a hole in the middle of the beam. This hole cuts 20 grams from the rod's weight without sacrificing strength.

Scat Crankshafts