Last month we brought you Part 1 of a story titled "The Best of What's coming for 2011." The story was a compilation of the latest and greatest new products gleaned from scouring the aisles of the IMIS-Indy and PRI Trade Shows back in December. Fortunately for us racers, we found so many new products that we had to split the story into two parts. There simply wasn't enough space in last month's issue. So without further ado here this month we have Part 2 of "The Best of What's Coming for 2011" with 15 more great products to get you onto the track in 2011.

Modular Cooling
Fluidyne understands racers' desire for both adjustability and reducing costs. Its new modular cooling system can help achieve both while also keeping weight down. The modular system integrates a radiator (either two- or three-row, depending on your needs), an oil cooler, and an electric fan into one unit that's easily mounted into the car. But if either the radiator or oil cooler becomes damaged, just that component can be replaced instead of throwing away the entire unit. Best of all, it weighs just 17 pounds, helping keep the nose of the car just a bit lighter.


Storage Where You Want It
Ctech's Blackline accessory systems all now feature a "Quickmount" system that allows all of the storage cabinets to be quickly removed from their wall mounts and remounted in another location. This means you can quickly remove specific components from their usual locations inside the race trailer and mount them to the outside within easy reach of your pit space.


Mind Your Language
Racing Radios has taken the concept of in-car cameras to the next level. The company has taken one of Contour's excellent video camera systems and upgraded it so that it can be integrated into your Racing Radios' communication system. Now the camera not only records video as well as ambient audio (track sounds), but it also captures your radio communications with the crew. This can be an excellent tool not only to give friends, family, and sponsors an idea of what it feels like to be behind the wheel and communicating with your crew on race strategy, but it can also help you review and improve how your entire team communicates and works together when the action gets hot.

Racing Radios

Safety Update
Simpson's Voyager Evolution helmet now has the latest Snell SA2010 certification. The Made-in-the-USA helmet is available in standard format, with a rear wing for open cockpit racers or with a top cap for fresh-air systems. The full face design features a large eyeport for plenty of visibility and a new shield pivoting system makes managing the faceshield with racing gloves on even easier.


MD3 Facelift
Performance Bodies has redesigned its popular MD3 Nose. The new G2 fender has a more defined aerodynamic lip that helps direct airflow over the nose of the car. In addition, the company is also offering newly designed MD3 rockers that are designed to flow with the aerodynamics of the MD3 nose. Available in eight vibrant colors: Black, Chevron Blue, Neon Bright Orange, Neon Fluorescent Yellow, Orange, Red, White, and Yellow.

Performance Bodies