Maximum Effort 23-Degree Pistons
Wiseco calls its new Max 23 piston design the ultimate racing piston for anyone using 23-degree Chevy-style cylinder heads. This new forging is designed for light weight without sacrificing strength. In addition to a lighter overall piston, a 2.250-inch wristpin cuts weight versus the customary 2.950 pins. To cut friction, the piston skirts have been given an anti-friction coating, and the Max 23 pistons are packaged with high-quality GFX rings. Finally, the pistons have been given extra large valve pockets to allow for the aggressive cam profiles that many race engine builders are now running so that extra work to create proper clearances won't be required.


Who Doesn't Love A Remote?
If you do all of your TIG welding at a bench, then you've never encountered the frustration many chassis builders suffer. Miller's new Wireless TIG remote solves that frustration by ditching the cable that connects the foot pedal to the main unit. Now there will be no more tangles or re-routing your foot pedal through the jig when working on a chassis. The wireless setup means you can place the control pedal anywhere within 90 feet of the welder with no worries. Miller's wireless technology also eliminates conflicts between units, so multiple wireless remotes can be used inside a shop without glitching or affecting each other.


Ready For Abuse
Advancing technology is not only making small video cameras available, but also affordable. There are already several video camera options available, but now Stable Imagine Solutions is leading the charge with a video camera that looks like it can laugh off the abuse circle track racers normally deliver to their equipment. Protected inside an aluminum casing, the Replay cameras are small, unobtrusive, lightweight, and easy to use. Simple two-button operation should also make them foolproof. They're available in either standard or high definition units to fit your needs and budget.

Stable Imaging Solutions

Big-Bore Block
The trend to use "small-blocks" with the larger 4.500-inch bore spacing in Dirt Late Model racing won't be going away anytime soon, and Dart's new 4.500 aluminum block casting is a big reason why. The larger bore spacing opens up space for larger cylinder bores than ever before for better breathing, less piston speed (when combined with a shorter stroke), and more displacement. But Dart's new casting is more than simply cramming larger cylinder liners in the same casting. Dart has enlarged the casting and reworked the water jackets to make sure the engine gets optimum cooling for peak power and improved durability.

Dart Machinery