Sprint Pistons
JE Pistons has updated its SRP 305 Sprint piston with a complete redesign. The 305 Sprint class is all about low-cost racing, so the new piston is designed about maximum performance without adding any unnecessary costs. This brand-new, dedicated forging is lighter than the old 305 Sprint design and also uses a 2 1/4-inch long pin to help carve off additional ounces, but it has been left uncoated to help keep costs down.

This is a shelf stock piston and is quickly available in 0.020, 0.030, 0.040, and 0.060 over sizes. Dyno tests have shown this new SRP 305 Sprint piston to be worth 13 hp versus the old piston with no other changes.

JE Pistons

Ported Iron
There are a few racing classes out there that still require a cast-iron cylinder head but post no other restrictions beyond that. If this describes the rule book where you're racing, RHS has your secret weapon in its Pro Elite iron cylinder head. This head has fully ported 240cc intake runners and 53cc combustion chambers. It also features ductile iron valve seats instead of the hardened iron seats you usually find in these castings, so that it will work better with titanium valves. The flow advantage you will have over any as-cast cylinder head is significant, and the cost is better compared to any hand-ported cast-iron head that provides the same performance.


Easy Camber
Bicknell has a new spindle with a built-in camber adjuster that not only makes camber adjustments a snap, but also allows adjustments without changing the kingpin angle. The angle is changed by spinning a slug built into the spindle itself. The slug is pinned to eliminate the chance for movement, and you can go from -2 to +2 degrees from your standard settings.

Bicknell Racing Products

One-Piece Lifters
Jesel's two-piece solid roller lifters have been a hit with engine builders (left in the photo), but, to be honest, they're also a bit high-end in the price department, too. As a response, Jesel has released the one-piece lifter (right) that maintains many of the premium lifter's best qualities at around half the price. The one-piece lifter does sacrifice the aluminum components which does make it a little heavier, but still offers a pressurized oiling circuit to the roller's needle bearings, a heat-treated stainless link bar fastened to the lifter bodies with tool-steel fasteners, and a precision-ground REM-polished steel body.


Hybrid Big-/Small-Block
PBM has thrown the racing world a curve with its Hybrid Aluminum Block aimed at Outlaw Dirt Late Model racers. It utilizes classic big-block 4.84 bore centers to allow for big bore diameters with small-block bearings sizes and front accessories for lighter weight. The bare block is only 14 pounds heavier than an equivalent small-block, but allows a 4.550-inch bore with a 4.250-inch stroke with a 9.00-inch deck height. There's also a six-bolt rear main cap for ultimate crankshaft stability.

PBM Performance Products