Reports from the show were very encouraging. Considering the current economic situation, promoter Doug Stringer was elated with the quality of the equipment and the prices it brought.

Thanksgiving Racer's Auction & Trade Show
Run at the same time as the Dayton show, but 70 miles to the south in Scottsburg, Indiana, is the Thanksgiving Racer's Auction and Trade Show promoted by veteran race auctioneer Tom Wieck and his Big Dawg Promotions.

Like the Dayton show, the hallmark of the Scottsburg show is the auction and also like the Dayton show there were plenty of items available to keep racers busy in the bidding. Unlike the Dayton show, this was the first time for this show in Hoosierland, having been held in Louisville, Kentucky, for many years.

Wieck explained that there were two Late Model team liquidations at his event along with parts available from WoO Dirt Late Model star Dan Schlieper and engine parts from Cornett Racing.

A number of race engines went on the block, and the potential buyers all had a chance to hear them run. Also, 27 race cars, two trailers, and one transporter were sold.

In all, there were 3,892 lots of used racing parts sold along with 76 consigners. There were 496 registered buyers with 389 actually buying something. Buyers came from 17 states and two foreign countries (Canada and Sweden).

Again, given the current economic climate, the healthy activity at this auction could be indicative of a good coming year.

Indy Circle Track Expo Swap Meet/Trade Show
The Indy Circle Track Expo Swap Meet/Trade Show is another solid Indiana racing tradition, this being its 11th year. Promoter Craig Dori explained that the event had been in a number of area locations, but as the event grew every year he outgrew each facility. In its first year, there were only 27 vendors. Since then, the numbers have steadily climbed upward, reaching about 200 vendors for this year's event. The late-January Expo has been held for the past four years in the Champion's Pavilion, which provides some 67,000 square feet of floor space.

Craig explained that the show started out basically with teams selling their used parts and pieces. "But now, we are seeing more companies displaying their wares giving the event more of a trade show aura."

Over its years, the show has provided access to a number of racing dignitaries including the likes of Indy 500 expert Donald Davidson and Open Wheel legends Tom Bigelow, Johnny Parsons, Pancho Carter, Mel Kenyon, and Gary Bettenhausen.

A popular activity at the show is 'The Circle Track Feud' which pits Davidson and Open Wheel expert Kevin Eckert asking questions of teams.

CJ Rayburn Symposiums
If you're a dirt racer who is journeying to Indianapolis for any of these shows, you owe it to yourself to swing by CJ Rayburn's place. Located just south of Indy is the Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer's shop and production facility. Rayburn, one of the pioneers of the DLM, holds winter symposiums annually at his facility. The program is open to all racers regardless of what you drive as well as fans and includes a tour of the plant and the chance to talk with CJ one on one.