By the way, his cars are not new, not even close. The current cars are 2002 and 2006 Eagle models and there sure aren't any plans of replacing them in the near future. "I just keep updating them." he said.

But his fabrication capabilities extend far beyond the engines and cars themselves. He also built his car trailer and the toter on his truck. With Larry, if he has the capability to build anything race-related to save money, he'll do it!

Over the years, Larry has had several dozen chauffeurs drive for him. They range from top-liners like longtime All-Star driver Kenny Jacobs (who won for Larry in 2004) and World of Outlaw driver Brian Paulus, to guys that drive at the local tracks.

When Larry needs somebody to drive his car, he calls them up and about 75 percent of the time answer yes. They know that they will be getting a good, competitive car. It's guys like Larry that local competition love when the travelling big boys come to town. And you better believe they know who Larry Wood is.

Larry is into race-related restorations and there are two that really stand out. First, there was a complete totally-accurate recreation of the Sprint Car that World of Outlaw driver Brad Doty was seriously injured in during a 1988 race. And exactly 10 years later, Brad (with the aid of Wood-designed hand controls) paced the same race of his injury.

He also did a stock car restoration of one of the cars from the movie Six-Pack which had been driven by Kenny Rogers. From the woeful starting point, Larry brought it totally back to its movie glory.

When asked his opinion about the state of Sprint Car racing today, Larry had some definite ideas. "It's the cost today that worries me, but I think some rules on the costs of tires and engines would be of huge help. With the tires, I don't think there should be a spec tire. I think that all the manufacturers should provide both a soft and hard compound which would be comparable. That way there could be competition which would bring down the tire bills," he explained.

"With the engines, I think there should be spec heads and injection systems. Since the engine is basically an air pump that would really level the playing field. Those rules would greatly increase engine reliability and only minimally decrease power."

A modest guy, Larry wants to thank the many who have helped him through the years. His longtime volunteer crew that includes DJ Johnson, Bill Wagner, and his son Larry Jr. who Larry hopes will continue this tradition. "I also have to greatly thank Junior and Janet Holbrook, Banshee Graphics, Ron Sprenkel of Mid-East Machinery Movers, and Jerry Russell at Eagle Chassis.

So what would this innovative guy want people to remember his legacy? "I would like to have them think that I did the most with what I had."

He indeed did it very well, and then some.