Shannon was "dressed" appropriately having borrowed Kenny Schrader's trailer while his new one is being built. Kenny is one of the owners of this track having purchased it in 2005 along with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and promoter Bob Sargent. In 2006, Tony Stewart came on as a partner and you couldn't ask for a better run show and facility than this.

As for Billy, I saw this as a sort of pickin' style where a top driver chooses to pick and choose races that might not be well attended by the best drivers in Dirt Late Model (no offense to the local teams, but you know what I mean) and where they might be able to pick up some "easy" money, not that this stuff is ever easy.

He did manage to win his heat race and the feature, but that doesn't tell the story for Moyer this year. As of this writing, he has put up some amazing numbers. According to his website that tracks his results in every event he runs, he now has 24 wins this season, out of 58 starts. That is a whopping 41 percent win to not-win ratio. His First Place earnings are at $324,000 and that doesn't include money he took in from winning poles and other-than-First Place finishes, or T-shirt sales.

This race was a MARS double header with the second race run at I-55 Raceway on the following Saturday night and Moyer won that one too. What caught my eye was the way Billy drove this race. Remember that we have advocated a more straight ahead style of driving on dirt and keeping all four wheels on the ground.

I won't go into the lecture on front end geometry and moment center design that will help make that happen, but if you've been paying attention to what we preach, you know what I mean. Billy drove his heat running the middle groove and never, ever got the rear end out running the turns just like an asphalt car.

As the track dried out during the other class races, he observed carefully how the track was transitioning. When it came time for the A-main, he had decided to move up to the top, something I never suspected he'd do. But it worked very well.

Still, he would make his run down the straights entering the turns going very fast. Instead of throwing the car sideways like 99 percent of the other cars, he seemed to brake the car hard to slow it down, entered the middle of the turn still straight ahead, and then rotated slightly to drive off the corner. He was able to maintain a lot of momentum doing that, and he won the race.

The most important message I can give about all of this is, as we have stated before, consistency wins. This style is very consistent and it has its share of wins this season. Most drivers would give their right lug nut to have 24 wins in a season, not to mention the $350,000 plus in winnings. No, Billy Moyer does not win every race and some he doesn't even get into the feature, but a 41 percent win record is unheard of at this level of competition.

Next Up I'll get off my BM soap box now. We have lots of great races to go on this Tour. We observed other trends and practices and met some great track owners and promoters in little places like Crossville, Tennessee. We're all set to be a part of really big shows like the World 100 at Eldora and Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track where hundreds of Modifieds come to put on a great show.

As always, stay tuned. And be sure to check out my many blogs on that offer a glimpse into the touring life and tidbits about each weekend's races.

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