Remember those cartoons where the light bulb appeared over the character's head? Well somebody at Harbor Freight Tools had to have that happen when they saw this Central Hydraulics floor jack and added it to the catalogue.

From a distance it might look like a traditional racing floor jack. Its billet aluminum construction marries lightweight design with high-strength performance while chrome-plated swivel casters in the rear deliver easy maneuverability. Up front, a solid roller allows the jack to slide right across almost any surface. It's got a 3,000-pound capacity-plenty for almost every race car-and a 33/8- to 143/4-inch saddle height. The compact design is perfect for maneuvering around a tight shop or crowded pit area. Pardon the pun, but where this jack really shines is in a dark pit area. The genius who designed it put six blue LED lights along the saddle. Press the button and the LEDs light up allowing you to position the jack precisely where you need it, even in the darkest of spots. After 60 seconds, the LEDs auto-matically shut off. We tested the jack in a dark corner of the Circle Track shop and found it to light the underside framerail of a future Street Stock like a lighthouse lights a harbor.

The handle is 37 inches long and has a nice, thick pad around the bottom half. There's a grab bar on the left side that makes carrying the 26.5-pound jack easy. The list price for the jack is $129.99.

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CA  93011