How many times have you picked up your impact wrench to remove a bolt or nut only to find the space was far too tight to fit the bulky gun? Most of us have experienced that very problem and depending on the class you race, you might run into it on a routine basis. What if there was a company out there which could combine the power and speed of an impact with the reach and maneuverability of a ratchet? Well, we found one that did!

Ingersoll Rand, the New Jersey based global tool company, took that concept and sent its engineers to the drawing board. What they came up with was the new Hammerhead 2015MAX and 2025MAX low-profile Impactools. With a head-height less than 2 inches, 180 ft-lb of max torque, and 7,100 rpm of speed, the Hammerhead offers the power of an impact, and all the capabilities of a ratchet.

"With the introduction of the Hammerhead, the combination of maximum power, control, and access now allows racers and automotive technicians alike to use an Ingersoll Rand Impactool for virtually any application," said Adam Brown, global portfolio manager at Ingersoll Rand. "They will be able to accomplish tasks in minutes that once would have taken hours. This is a revolutionary product that is unlike any other on the market, and it will truly change the way people work."

Circle Track got the chance to put our hands on one of these tools at a recent I-R distributor show and were thoroughly impressed. The tool is a lot lighter than we expected but we were really blown away by its power. It delivers more than enough oomph to loosen even the rustiest bolts. We loved the conveniently located forward/reverse collar, which allows unrestricted access to easily change the direction of the tool while in tight spaces. This collar is so well designed you could practically switch directions with one finger but it is also well protected from accidental engagement.

Our favorite feature beyond Hammerhead's svelte design, which will fit in almost any tight confine, was the reactionless torque that eliminates kickback. No more wrist snapping and no more knuckle busting that comes from that torque snap so common among impact wrenches. The 2015MAX and 2025MAX Hammerhead low-profile Impactools also feature a two-position power regulator and feather-touch trigger, which provide maximum control.

By the time you read this the Hammerhead will be available in 3/8-inch (2015MAX) and 1/2-inch drive (2025MAX) with an MSRP starting at $420. To get your own, visit your local tool professional or