Although most wind tunnels are exclusively the domain of top-level race teams with mega budgets, the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, North Carolina, is designed to be affordable for Saturday-night level race teams. For example, instead of a rolling road setup or a mechanism that spins the wheels, A2 instead uses a unique system that blows and sucks air underneath the car to simulate how the track moving underneath the race car affects airflow. And while A2's staff does not give advice on what aero changes will work best (they are very careful about giving away aero secrets a previous race team may have already learned in the wind tunnel), they will work to help customers run their tests as efficiently as possible and learn as much as they can from the data collected. For most tests, data is collected in "counts" of downforce, but for simplicity's sake in this article, Salazar converted the data into the equivalent of horsepower required to push a Midget car to 140 mph. And when we give the horsepower numbers here, that's only what is required to overcome aerodynamic drag, we're not talking about weight, drag from the driveline, or anything else.

A2 Wind Tunnel
391 Mazeppa Road
NC  28115