Autullo also explained that future events possibly could come on board to add to the F.A.S.T. schedule. "I have talked to other promoters about some ideas to expand our base a little, but we would do 'special event' races for cash bonus money and not for points. I have some ideas cooking and I have been chatting with Larry Kemp at Eldora and Billy Jarrell at Skyline. Billy just started the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association, so there is an opportunity for us there to do some special event shows and a 'North vs. South Challenge' for the state of Ohio. I am open to doing things that will benefit the teams and the fans, but at the same time we will schedule these events so they do not interfere with any All Star or World of Outlaw events in our area," says Autullo.

The 2010 F.A.S.T. series will also see the implementation of a race schedule for the support division of 305 Sprint Cars at both tracks as well. There are very few economically friendly racing series out there, especially in the dirt Sprint Car ranks, but it would appear that the F.A.S.T. group has put together a product that neither fan nor competitor can find fault with. Northern Ohio surely does produce some of the best weekly dirt Sprint Car programs in the country and should not be overlooked. To take a weekly program that has been so successful and supported for so many years by all involved, and make it richer by not adding to the expense is something truly special. Fire up the push trucks boys, and let's kick up some sod.