"When we presented the idea to the promoters and to some key sponsors, they knew this was an idea that would work. It was something that should have been done a long time ago," says Autullo. "Rich Farmer has been a key to our success in the support he has provided to make sure we have the tools we need to make things happen. After all, we are helping to sell tickets at his racetrack. John Bore has been equally supportive, but he is not as 'hands on' as Rich has been. Also, Paul Kistler (title sponsor) has been a huge help in driving other sponsors to our door step. Paul is very respected in this sport and it has been helpful to use him as a reference as to how we have helped promote his business with our advertising."

The F.A.S.T. Championship is based on a combined points system for a set number of regular weekly 410 Sprint events at Attica and Fremont. This championship is paid in addition to each track's individual season's points title and payout. In essence, it's additional money designed to give something back to the teams that race both tracks every week. The goal is to increase interest and fan support for both tracks and enhance the hype and drama of each weekly show. Drivers will get a little more money back in their racing budgets at the end of the season, hopefully helping them to return the following season.

The beauty of the F.A.S.T. championship is that there is no membership fee and teams are not required to do anything other than show up to race at each track each week. "This helps to build fan interest while also helping sell tickets at the weekly events," says Autullo. "This point fund should help to maintain/increase the car counts at each track, with additional money being paid on top of the healthy purse and established season point fund at each track."

Of course having a great formula won't get you very far if you don't promote it. Even during the off-season the folks from F.A.S.T. get out and sell their product. A chili cook-off challenge and concerts are put together during the off-season to help bring attention to the racing group. The idea behind the Racer's Chili Challenge and FASTfest Concert Series is to keep fans involved during the off-season and get them familiar with the drivers on a personal level.

"It helps them to gain a sense of camaraderie with the drivers that they cheer for. It also introduces the general public to what we are doing and hopefully sparks their curiosity about what is going on at these local tracks each weekend. I'm sure we've prompted more than a few new fans to go buy a ticket and see a race with our events," notes Autullo.

The 2010 campaign will be the second year of F.A.S.T. competit-ion, and from the end of the 2009 season, teams and fans were already anxious for the 2010 season to get going. A 22-race schedule is planned for this year with 11 events split evenly between Attica and Fremont. The schedule's concept features "F.A.S.T. Weekends" where events are run back-to-back at the two tracks in a Friday/Saturday package. The only exceptions are the two stand-alone season championship nights sponsored by Kistler Racing Products at the end of the season.

"We have secured enough sponsors and advertisers to once again pay out $10,000 to the series championship winner and of course the Kistler Cup trophy," says series co-founder Porter. "I think teams have noticed the numbers that Fremont, Attica, and F.A.S.T. have put together on paper and realize that our independent point fund, combined with the two track point funds, creates the third richest point fund payout in the country for a weekly Sprint Car racing program, behind only iconic venues like Williams Grove and Knoxville."