CT: From DOE's perspective, how do you think Project G.R.E.E.N. can help achieve their goals?
LS: A lot of it gets back to showing people what's really available and then showing them how well it will perform. With the Circle Track project, you're getting back into what some would probably consider the roots of stock car racing where you're actually using a stock car, using an engine technology that is available today that you can go into the showroom and buy on Monday after you saw it race on Saturday night. It makes racing more relevant and it brings our message home that you can be green without compromise. That you can still go out and you can still race, you can still drive all over the place, you can still use your vehicle the way you're used to and live your life the way you're used to, but do it without having a negative impact on the environment and a negative impact on our national security.

CT: Five years from now look back on this project. What do you see?
LS: Five years from now, I would have to say I would look back and say that was when the ball really started rolling. Because as I said earlier, if I went out and developed the greatest widget in the world and nobody understood it and nobody wanted it, all I'd be able to do is put that widget up on the shelf with a bunch of other widgets.

If I can develop an understanding amongst consumers and actually start to develop a demand for that technology amongst the consumers, five years from now instead of looking and seeing that dusty widget on the shelf, I see millions of widgets all over the place that people have taken into their lives and adopted and use every day and that's what I think we'll see five years from now with this project. It won't be everywhere around the country not every car out there will be using E85 fuel but you will have a huge increase in the demand for domestically produced fuel in this country and that's the cellulosic E85 and you'll have people using that fuel through the Midwest through the south, the northeast, hopefully coast to coast.