ATI Introduces Wheel Bearing Seals
ATI Performance Products, Inc. has the answer to removing and destroying pressed-in wheel bearing seals. ATI PN 150006 is a fully CNC-machined aluminum housing that replaces the current seal you have to remove when repacking your wheel bearings. The patented ATI adapter houses an easy-to-replace O-ring, Smalley brand snap ring, and top-of-the-line CR Viton "Low Drag" seal. This seal should outlast your current Buna seal by ten times, plus you don't destroy it to repack your wheel bearings! For more information, contact ATI at 877/298-5039 or visit

Lifters Go Elite
In today's racing environment, solid roller lifters face grueling punishment on every lap. So, Comp Cams engineers got to work and designed the ultimate race lifter, their new Elite Race Solid Roller Lifter. The lifters have an SAE 8620 alloy steel body that is CNC-machined and REM-finished, SAE 9310 steel alloy wheels that are precision-ground, and needles made from 52100 bearing steel and micro-sorted with a controlled-contour profile.

These lifters feature an exclusive body design that does not have an oil band, thus maximizing rigidity and reducing lifter bushing wear. While the construction and body design make them incredibly strong, the Elite Race Roller Lifters are also lightweight, with each lifter weighing less than 100 grams individually. All lifter bodies will clear both stock and aftermarket 0.300-inch tall lifter bores and will properly fit either 0.3125-inch or 0.375-inch ball pushrods and the oversized (0.400-inch) axles are dual-pinned, leaving a small gap in between for oiling. With patent-pending oil control through the pushrod insert, engine builders can modify the lifter to meter extra oil to the top as desired. For more information contact Comp at 800/999-0853 or visit

AMSOIL's New Engine and Transmission Flush
The all new AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush is formulated to improve fuel economy, operating efficiency, and reduce emissions in gasoline and diesel engines, as well as automatic transmissions, making it perfect for your tow vehicle. Its potent formula cleans sludge and deposit buildup, promoting lower operating temperatures and reduced oil consumption. The detergent-based Flush prepares engines and transmissions for the installation of new motor oil or transmission fluid while restoring peak performance and power. It's safe on parts and can be easily disposed of with waste oil.

In addition, AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush loosens sticky valves and helps quiet lifter noise. In transmissions, it helps unclog fluid passages, improves erratic shifting, and promotes smoother operation and longer transmission life.

AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush is recommended for both diesel and gasoline engines, and automatic transmissions. It's not recommended for CVT transmissions or differentials. One bottle contains 16 fluid ounces. For more information, contact AMSOIL at 800/777-8491 or visit

Catch Your Coolant
The new Coolant Catcher is a low profile, large surface area, radiator drain pan with a unique baffle pad that prevents splashing or spillage when draining coolant. Sitting just 53/4 inches high but with a whopping 31 x 25-inches of surface, the made-in-the-USA Coolant Catcher is constructed from a tough, chemically resistant, engineered plastic which incorporates a unique baffle pad, that prevents splashing when draining coolant. Additionally, its design prevents spillage when moving the pan. The baffle pad also catches dropped tools or parts for easy retrieval. Easy movement via 360-degree swiveling casters allows for positioning under most race cars and even your tow vehicle without needing a hoist or jackstands. Integral hand grips and a pour spout allow for easy emptying. For more information, contact High Tide Products at 707/745-5354 or visit