This made for some exciting racing and the crowd was treated to both the race at the front and the race to the front. Dalton Zehr provided some excitement by hounding the leader in the early laps. When he tried to move underneath going into Turn 3, both cars spun moving them to the rear. In this series, anyone involved in a caution must move to the rear of the field.

Wayne had his way with the rest of the field and eventually moved into the lead and won. Once everything settled down, I cruised through the pits and noticed a conversation between Dalton and Scott Grossenbacher, the driver he had come in contact with and was sent to the rear with. I moved closer to see how that would go.

Scott was explaining to Dalton that his dad was his spotter and that he hadn't told him Dalton was underneath his car going into the turn. Without knowing he was there, he had turned down on Dalton and both spun. He said his dad felt really bad about it and hoped that Dalton understood. That's the good stuff.

I really believe that the way this event is handled, with the Friday night get-together, promotes the kind of sportsmanship that encourages racers to communicate with each other and work out situations like this without having anger and confrontation rise up. It's healthier for the racers and it's the kind of environment that we want when our families are included. If the way this series is run does nothing more than create this type of atmosphere, then it will have been a huge success and what the racers in Florida have long needed.

This is truly what this Great American Tour is all about. We will be visiting racetracks, around 25 in all, across the Southeastern U.S. and talking to the racers and covering many topics. We are here to promote circle-track racing in America. We will be looking at how the promoters run their events and how the racers react to the way their tracks are run. Any and all unique and interesting concepts that we come across will be recorded and reported.

We will be asking specific questions of the racers themselves to discover trends in setups, preparation and any other aspect of team involvement that might be of interest to the readers of Circle Track. Never before have we seen an opportunity like this one and we intend to take full advantage of it.

I will personally be speaking with, and getting to know, racers in all of the divisions. I will prepare a specific list of questions I will present to the teams and the track owners, promoters, and technical staff. Racing safety will be one of the areas of concern and we will make that a topic of discussion at every track.

What the racers use for protection involving helmets, suits, restraints, and car construction will be observed. We will encourage the tracks to continue to promote the safety of the drivers, crews, and spectators. Fire protection, ambulance services, and the track rules regarding safety will all be taken into account.

And if we can help promote a safer environment at each track, then we will do that. As we gain knowledge and understanding of the necessities, we can share that with everyone on the pages of CT. Online is a current list of tracks we will be visiting. There may be changes here and there that must be made if events are canceled or our plans change due to weather issues. Flexibility will be a necessity for this tour.

For the most up-to-date list of tracks and dates, go online to and follow our blogs. We will be constantly updating and reporting week to week as we move across the country. And feel free to present any comment and/or suggestions that you might have concerning this tour. We will try to answer you as best we can.

If you live in other areas of the country, remember that the tour is scheduled for this year plus three more years. We will be traveling to the Northeast, Midwest, and the West Coast in the coming years. When all is done, we should have reported from every stronghold of short-track racing in America. It's our hope that in doing so, we will have influenced and enhanced the sport of racing in a positive way that will help ensure its survival as the times change around us. And a special thanks goes out to title sponsor AMSOIL, as well as CV Products and Holley, for helping make all of this possible.