Create a packet of information that includes a fact sheet, some sponsor promotion materials, a feature story with a photo about the race team and driver so that it all can be available for the sanctioning organization and track PR people along with the media that cover your events.

Create a relationship with the media. A good rapport with the media can go a long way toward helping your sponsorship deal be a success...or a failure.

Do you have your website up and running? Websites can be a very important part of the sponsorship success story. Having the sponsor linked to your website is a great way to increase exposure and, perhaps, create some business for the sponsor. If you have more than one sponsor, you should try to get all your sponsors together so that they can work out business-to-business relationships that are beneficial to all and earn you kudos from the sponsors.

As for the website, it's important to have an informative website that is easy to navigate and is kept current. Even worse than having no website is having a website that is not current.

How about putting together a story for the track program book? Many of you are racing at weekly short tracks that offer program books to the fans. Over the years I have published a number of program books, and in doing so was often looking for some editorial content. You should be in touch with the program book publisher and offer to do a story on your race team for the book and include some photos. Here is a great opportunity to gain exposure for the team and for the sponsors. It may even catch the eye of a business owner who just might think that he would like to be with a team that promotes its sponsors as you do.

Over the years I've seen sponsors increase their participation with a team or renew for the following year based just on the program book story or public address announcements that you have been able to get. And it costs you basically nothing.

There are many local weekly newspapers that are popular with readers that could use some editorial help. Most of the weeklies are understaffed and would welcome a weekly or monthly column about local auto racing. You could offer to do the column for free but that column would give you the opportunity to gain additional exposure for the team and sponsors. Keep in mind though that the column could not just be about you.

A revenue source for you and more exposure for the sponsors is sportswear. Offer T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other items with the team name and sponsor logos on them. Work out a deal with the track or sanctioning organization that you race with to have your sportswear sold. You will have to pay a percentage to them but you will also expand your opportunities to have your sportswear sold and in turn sell more product.

At the hauler, you should have sportswear available for sale. Have someone in charge to take care of customers and collect the money. Don't be Mr. Nice Guy and give a lot of stuff away free; it really cuts into the profits. In addition, you should have a rack at your hauler that holds promotional literature on all your sponsors. Make sure it's available to fans who visit with your team.