A tent with the sponsor names and logos could be set up to cover the team work area and gain more exposure for the sponsor. They are not that expensive.

Bobby Gunther Walsh may be one of the most successful short track racers when it comes to attracting sponsorship and keeping sponsors happy. During the 2009 season he had more than three dozen sponsors on his NASCAR Whelen All American Series Modified racing at Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania. All of this despite the fact that Walsh has never won a feature, although he has won a few qualifying events. It proves that you don't have to be a winner on the track to keep sponsors happy. He is able to do it by promoting his sponsors. At the track, he arranged to give away gift cards, financed by his sponsors, for gas, fast food, and Dunkin Donuts. He had his giveaways promoted by the track PR person and announcer.

Each race night he has the announcer read off some prepared announcements and that creates interest amongst the fans and they head back to the pits to visit with Walsh after the races. He often has long lines waiting to receive bowling passes, gadgets from sponsors, and even some coupons good for Mrs.T's Pierogies. All this stuff works, as sponsors keeping coming back. Some of his sponsors have been with him since he started racing 13 years back. Walsh, who works as a morning radio personality on WAEB-790AM radio in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is very active in local charities and that gains his sponsors additional exposure. He even talked this writer into wearing a rather silly looking Mrs. T's Pierogies hat and a photo of that has shown up often in different publications and websites. Anything for sponsor exposure.

Show Cars
I know of some race teams, not the NASCAR major leaguers, that have show car programs. It is something that creates interest in racing, creates exposure for sponsors, and can be a revenue producer. Trade shows, community events, malls, fairs, and other sporting events can be great places to display the race car. Arrange with the promoter at the track where you race on a regular basis to give out their schedules/brochures in return for some courtesies for your team or sponsors. It is also an opportunity to sell some of your sportswear to a market that you wouldn't reach without the show car program.

Talk to the sponsor about a sweepstakes. Perhaps the sponsor offers a product or service that would make a nice prize for the winner. Have fans deposit their entry forms at the hauler. It will show the sponsor how much interest there is in its sponsored race team. If it's a significant prize, the contest could continue all season.

The list of things that can be done to make your sponsorship deal successful is endless. Let your creative juices flow. Keep in mind that the sponsor is looking for a significant return on investment for its sponsorship that is directly proportional to the amount they spend. The more things that you do to attract attention to the sponsor, the more chance there will be that you will be able to renew the contract with the sponsor for a significant increase for the next season.

Have a great racing season, and keep the sponsors smiling.