Let's include here how important it is to keep a scrapbook or file of photos, news articles, column mentions, and stories that have been written about you in track magazines. You wouldn't believe how many racers can't remember how many wins they have or other important information about their racing careers. All of this is important when you are looking for sponsorship and putting together that brochure. To complement the brochure you should have business cards and stationary.

Something that can be very helpful to a racer as he or she looks for sponsorship is educating the racer on marketing. You do not have to become an expert but you should have some basic knowledge of marketing. Pick up a book on marketing at the local bookstore and even a second book that covers some selling tips and skills. Educate yourself on some of the terminology used in the marketing and selling. It will be helpful in understanding what the potential sponsor might have to say and it will impress them if you understand the basics of marketing.

Put together a "hit list" of companies/businesses that you want to contact. Research them to see if they would fit in the sport and have the marketing budget to do it. Look at what they are doing in the way of marketing.

Create a cover letter that outlines key selling points/reasons to sponsor your race team. In the letter list three selling points and make them want to look at the brochure. In the brochure you have additional selling points/reasons to sponsor your race team. However, always save some of the key selling points for use later.

Need some ideas for your brochure and cover letter? Here you go.

• Build brand/name awareness for your business.
• Build a winning image for your business among your targeted audience.
• Build employee morale.
• Potential for public relations exposure for your business in local and regional print and broadcast media along with the internet.
• Create a high-excitement merchandising vehicle for cross promotions and tie-ins.
• Create business-to-business opportunities with other sponsors in the sport.
• Increase your business industry visibility through trade show, grand opening, sale day appearances and tie-ins, plus vendor hospitality events both at and away from the racetrack.
• Enhance supplier loyalty through VIP hospitality events (night/day at the races).
• Distinguish your business from the competition.

And there is more that can be added. Check your local newspaper, magazines, TV, and billboards. See who is doing a lot of advertising. They are the ones that you want to contact since they understand the value of advertising and will see the value of sponsorship when presented properly. These are places that you want to mail your cover letter and brochure.

Do some detailed research to find out the proper person who should receive the mailing. Don't waste your time sending your materials to Marketing Manager. You need to make sure it goes to a real name. Call the business and ask who handles the advertising.

Get involved with charities. Most successful businesses get involved with charities and those businesses like working with people who are also involved in the charity. It will create great networking opportunities. Make your race car available for charity events.