So What's Next?
OK, Scott, you've finished the three-day schools at either Skip Barber or Jim Russell. Now what? "First I pay my $90 national fee to join the SCCA, which is needed for the license." Then Scott visits his doctor-a physical is required. Next, he contacts the school for his Letter of Compliance. And finally, he sends the letter and all the forms to the SCCA, and buys everyone a round of beers once the license shows up in the mail.

Well, Scott with all this great schooling we'll see you in Victory Lane!

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Can You Afford These Schools?
These schools ain't cheap-but they're worth every cent. If you save your pennies, here's what you'll need

Skip Barber
School: $3,870 (includes damage waiver)
Skip Barber Letter of Compliance: $225 (after completion)
Racing shoes: $129
Racing gloves: $84 (optional)
Hotel: $400 for three nights
Gas from/to LA: $45 x 3 tanks = $135
Food: 3 dinners, about $50 (you're in Monterrey)
Earplugs (for racing buddy's snoring): $5
Total Skip Barber trip cost: $4,898

Jim Russell
School: $4,795 (includes damage waiver-potential $7,000 liability)
Jim Russell Letter of Compliance: $200
Roundtrip flight to/from San Francisco: $140
Rental car for 3 days: $125
Racing shoes: $129
Racing gloves: $84 (optional)
Hotel: $225 for three nights (Cheap, no-frills hotel. Arrests in the parking lot)
Gas from/to racetrack: $50
Food: 3 dinners, about $50 (Breakfast and lunch included in school fee)
Earplugs: $5 (which you bought last trip but forgot to bring this time for racing buddy's snoring)
Medicated heat pads to relieve butt pain: $8
Total Jim Russell trip cost: $5,811

Additional License Costs
SCCA membership: $90 per year (depending on location)
SCCA License Application Fee: $80
A doctor's physical: $20 co-pay (HMO)

Skip Barber
P.O. Box 1629
CT  06039
Jim Russell
29359 Arnold Drive
CA  95476