We call it a crystal ball, but really it's the Performance Racing Industry trade show that gathers the best and most progressive racing companies in the country to Orlando, Florida, every year. And we dutifully attended and sifted through acres of booths to find the very best new products that will be available to stock car racers and engine builders this year. Some are refinements of older products and ideas, while others are completely brand-new. But hopefully, you'll be able to find something among this roundup to help you go faster, be safer, market your race team a little better, and overall just have more fun.

ARP Mustang & Camaro Bodies
for Short-Track Racing

In 2010 Ford's new Mustang won't just be found in NASCAR's Nationwide Series. Aluminum Racing Products has this new 2010 Mustang body for offset and tube frame chassis with 101- to 105-inch wheelbases and 66-inch tread width. The body was designed for use by the ASA Late Model Challenge Series but may be legalized by other racing series. ARP is also manufacturing a 2010 Camaro body to complement the Ford offering. Keep in mind that neither one is ABC legal.

TCI Fastlap
Torque Converter

TCI's newest 10-inch torque converter is designed expressly for circle-track racing. With an extremely low stall speed, this converter should provide good engine braking going into the corners and strong acceleration out of them. It is also designed to work as efficiently as possible. Oversized bearings increase capacity and the small, 10-inch diameter reduces rotating weight.

Peterson Fluid
Systems Roots-
Style Oil Pump

Peterson's new oil pump is so different, it actually has a patent pending. The new design replaces the traditional steel gears with four-lobe roots-style rotors constructed from aluminum. Peterson says the new pump produces better vacuum and more stabile oil pressure while weighing less than traditional pumps.

Arctic Seat Suit

If you like your Cool Shirt but don't like the added weight of bolting a cooler of ice water into your car, the Arctic Seat system may be just what you're looking for. The system works like a small air conditioner and draws a max of just 18 amps from your electrical system. Best of all, it weighs significantly less than the traditional system of pumping air through a cooler filled with ice and water.

Chase Cam
Video and
Data Logger

This is not just an in-car video system. The Chase Cam Data Module allows you to combine in-car video with a data logger than records data from GPS, a three-axis accelerometer, vehicle sensors, and OBD2. The system also uses a 100 percent solid state design-no moving parts should mean great durability.

Comp Cams Break-In Oil
Failing a flat tappet camshaft during a new race engine's operation has become so problematic that Circle Track has done complete articles just on that subject. Previously, Comp had an additive that you could add to your oil to help improve the break-in process for flat tappets, but now the company has a new oil just for that tricky task. Comp's appropriately named Break-In Oil uses a ZDDP-enhanced formula designed specifically for stock car race engines with flat-tappet camshafts-which are worlds apart from over-the-road engines that most oils are formulated for.

Holley HP Series

Holley has shown the HP Series carbs before, but they should actually become available in 2010. These carbs are cast from aluminum for lighter weight and better durability. Also, there is more volume in the bowls, and that additional fuel capacity should make tuning easier on short tracks with high side loading. The new bowl has also been designed to make it much less likely that the jets become uncovered by fuel sloshing around.

Bilstein SLS Series Shocks
Bilstein's new SLS Series of racing shock absorbers use a new coding system that is designed to let you know exactly what the performance is going to be on the racetrack. Specific numbers in the shock's ID code relate directly to the rebound and compression performance. The bodies are plated for durability and rapid heat dissipation, and the shocks will convert to coilover applications.

Five Star Molded
Radiator Box
Save yourself some fabrication time with Five Star's molded radiator box. Five Star says that this C5 Series box is completely universal; the six-piece unit fits any radiator width, offset, and angle.

Wilwood Sprint
Car Front Disk

Produced specifically for the left-front corner, Wilwood's new brake rotor is both lightweight and much more affordable than the titanium rotor racers have been buying. The rotor is 9.88 inches in diameter and just 0.19-inch thick. The stainless steel rotor is treated with a polymetallic coating that actually embeds into the metal so that it won't start flaking off after the first heat race.

BLP Products Metering
Block and Bowl

Lots of racers struggle with the problem of the better the chassis handles the more trouble their carburetor gives them. That's because the high g-loading the chassis allows causes all the fuel in the carb's fuel bowl to slosh to one side which uncovers the jets. BLP can cure this problem with its new metering block that features lowered and angled jets designed to make sure they stay covered with fuel. To use these blocks, you will also need BLP's special bowls with cutouts in the floor to provide clearance for the jets.

Ford Racing "Super
Blue Oval" Sealed
Race Engine

Ford's new S374D sealed race engine is nicknamed the "Super Blue Oval" and it aims to make a serious run at Chevy's dominance in the crate engine market. Beginning with a Boss block, the engine features a forged crank and connecting rods, pistons with full-floating wristpins, and Ford's aluminum fully CNC machined "Z" heads, among other goodies. Full race components mean they should last through several rebuilds. Horsepower is rated at 590 at 7,000 rpm, and the torque rolls up to 520 lb-ft at 5,200 rpm.

Wiseco Upgraded
Race Pistons

Wiseco's line of flat-top racing pistons has been upgraded with an anti-friction coating on the skirts to reduce drag as well as cylinder wall wear. They also now feature lands cut for high-performance GFX 1.2 millimeter ring packs.

Joe's Racing Products
Fire Bottle
Quick Release

Joe's Racing Products has introduced this trick new release system for fire extinguishers. It is constructed from machined and anodized aluminum for light weight and great looks. The large pull button allows one-hand operation so you can get to the extinguisher quickly and easily.

ARP Ultra-
Torque Lubricant

Most engine builders use either a moly-based lube or Extreme Pressure Lube on fasteners before torquing. But both tend to polish the threads, so even if you are using the same torque value each time to install the fastener, you are actually stretching it more than previously. ARP's new Ultra-Torque Lubricant won't do that, and tests show that even after multiple installations, the same torque value gives the same amount of bolt stretch. Plus, this new lube has an extremely high melting point, so it will still be around when you disassemble the engine for fewer stuck bolts.

Crower Solid
Roller Lifters

Crower's new Maximus line of solid roller lifters are all American-made. They feature a high-strength alloy steel body that has been carbonized for strength and superior wear resistance. A stainless steel alignment bar keeps the rollers in place, and grooved mounting pads ensure proper alignment. The tool steel wheel rides on tapered and polished needle bearings, and a high-pressure oiling hole keeps a steady flow of oil flowing over the bearings.

Racequip Has
Expanded Line
of Safety Gear

If you have a son or daughter racing, you may have found it can be difficult to find good quality safety gear in their size. Racequip is now offering suits, shoes, and other gear in sizes from 5 years old to 5X. If you can't find your size among that, you probably need to quit racing and join the circus.

R2C No-Oil Air

For years, oiled cotton air filters have been the standard among racers. But now select air filters manufacturers like R2C are offering no-oil air filters that work just as well (and sometimes better) without oil. Racing an oilless filter means dirt track racers can clean the filters between heats and the main simply by blowing it out with low-pressure compressed air from the inside out. R2C also has a housing made specifically for Sprint Cars. No more washing your filters out with water, waiting for them to dry and re-oiling every couple of weeks.

CV Products Spin Series for
Dirt Late Model

The Spin series of pumps from CV products attempts to simplify and improve life for Dirt Late Model racers. The oil pump, fuel pump, and power steering pump are designed as a package to work together seamlessly, but they can also be used separately or in any combination. Spin pumps are also designed from scratch to be lightweight without sacrificing strength, prime exceptionally quick, and wear resistant.

Track Moist Dust Suppressant
Track Moist is a new product that is supposed to help dirt track operators reduce dust, save water, and reduce track prep time. One 4-liter container mixes with 45,000 gallons of water and is said to help the water penetrate deeper into the soil. Theoretically, this should also help improve the racing at a track because the track surface is more stable and doesn't change throughout the night.

GoPro In-Car Camera
GoPro has been producing these tiny cameras for a while now, but it didn't approach the Saturday night circle-track racing market until it felt it had a camera that handled typical racetrack low-light levels well enough. Now GoPro has the HD Motorsports Hero camera that sells for just $300, mounts easily on a rollcage bar and produces very good video results. Now racers can inexpensively produce in-car footage for their sponsors or fans in glorious high definition.

ECR Unlimited

Dirt Late Model Engine
ECR-or Earnhardt Childress Racing Engines-has branched out from the NASCAR Cup Series, and this Dirt Late Model engine is the result. ECR begins with an aluminum Dart SB2 block, adds SB2 Cup heads and throws in all the tricks learned from years of racing in NASCAR's top series. It specs out at 437 cubic inches, and Dale McDowell-who was part of the development program-won three out of his five first races after partnering with ECR.

Oakley Racing Suits
Oakley has taken the manufacture of its racing suits in-house to maintain complete control over quality. The Factory Pilot is the company's three-layer suit, while the two-layer suit is called the Coil Over. The suits are constructed from CarbonX and feature magnet closures (fully covered to keep them from absorbing heat) instead of the usual snaps and Velcro. www.oakley.com

Dart Cast 4.500 Block
A Dart billet aluminum race block with 4.500-inch bore spacing is a winner on the track and very popular. But that billet block is also a bit expensive. Now, racers on a budget have an option with Dart's new cast 4.500 block based on the billet piece. This block works with the new, popular 9-degree Chevy-style heads as well as the 11-degree Dart Little Chief cylinder heads. www.dartheads.com

Jones Racing Products
CT525 Front Drive System
General Motor's CT525 crate engine is catching on in the stock car racing world, and Jones Racing Products has a belt drive system designed to make using the engine in your race car easier. The modular system allows you to choose from several formats and includes provisions for a mechanical cooling fan, alternator, power steering, or just powering the water pump. The choice is yours.

TCI Max Shift ATF Fluid
Like the Fastlap torque converter, TCI's new Max Shift Circle Track fluid is designed specifically for stock car racing. It's a brand-new formulation (TCI's Scott Miller says it isn't a synthetic or a conventional oil but won't say exactly what it is) that is capable of withstanding 450 to 500 degrees F before it starts to lose viscosity. This makes is a great oil for racers who aren't running a dedicated oil cooler.

Tilton 600
Series Pedals
The new 600 Series of control pedals from Tilton are designed to bring many of the same features of the top-of-the-line 900 series for a great price. These floor-mount pedals feature ramps to prevent balance bar "tipping," high-strength 7/16-inch balance bars, adjustable foot pads (with the aluminum pedals) and oil-impregnated bronze bushings at the pedal pivots for maintenance free operation.

SRP Professional
SRP has long been a favored brand to low-cost, high-quality racing pistons. Now it is introducing the Professional piston line. These typically feature a 1.2mm top ring, 1.5mm napier-style second ring for improved oil control, and a 3.0mm oil ring. They also have a 2.25-inch wide lightweight wristpin and a skirt coating. But probably most important, most pistons in the Professional line are around 60 grams lighter than the standard SRP piston.

Fluidyne Late
Model Radiator/
Oil Cooler Package
Fluidyne understands most racers aren't running on unlimited budgets, so it has come up with this radiator and oil cooler package as a way to help. Designed to work together, the radiator and oil cooler install easily and work well together. But they are separate units so if one gets damaged you can purchase just that component.

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