Five Star Molded
Radiator Box
Save yourself some fabrication time with Five Star's molded radiator box. Five Star says that this C5 Series box is completely universal; the six-piece unit fits any radiator width, offset, and angle.

Wilwood Sprint
Car Front Disk

Produced specifically for the left-front corner, Wilwood's new brake rotor is both lightweight and much more affordable than the titanium rotor racers have been buying. The rotor is 9.88 inches in diameter and just 0.19-inch thick. The stainless steel rotor is treated with a polymetallic coating that actually embeds into the metal so that it won't start flaking off after the first heat race.

BLP Products Metering
Block and Bowl

Lots of racers struggle with the problem of the better the chassis handles the more trouble their carburetor gives them. That's because the high g-loading the chassis allows causes all the fuel in the carb's fuel bowl to slosh to one side which uncovers the jets. BLP can cure this problem with its new metering block that features lowered and angled jets designed to make sure they stay covered with fuel. To use these blocks, you will also need BLP's special bowls with cutouts in the floor to provide clearance for the jets.

Ford Racing "Super
Blue Oval" Sealed
Race Engine

Ford's new S374D sealed race engine is nicknamed the "Super Blue Oval" and it aims to make a serious run at Chevy's dominance in the crate engine market. Beginning with a Boss block, the engine features a forged crank and connecting rods, pistons with full-floating wristpins, and Ford's aluminum fully CNC machined "Z" heads, among other goodies. Full race components mean they should last through several rebuilds. Horsepower is rated at 590 at 7,000 rpm, and the torque rolls up to 520 lb-ft at 5,200 rpm.

Wiseco Upgraded
Race Pistons

Wiseco's line of flat-top racing pistons has been upgraded with an anti-friction coating on the skirts to reduce drag as well as cylinder wall wear. They also now feature lands cut for high-performance GFX 1.2 millimeter ring packs.

Joe's Racing Products
Fire Bottle
Quick Release

Joe's Racing Products has introduced this trick new release system for fire extinguishers. It is constructed from machined and anodized aluminum for light weight and great looks. The large pull button allows one-hand operation so you can get to the extinguisher quickly and easily.

ARP Ultra-
Torque Lubricant

Most engine builders use either a moly-based lube or Extreme Pressure Lube on fasteners before torquing. But both tend to polish the threads, so even if you are using the same torque value each time to install the fastener, you are actually stretching it more than previously. ARP's new Ultra-Torque Lubricant won't do that, and tests show that even after multiple installations, the same torque value gives the same amount of bolt stretch. Plus, this new lube has an extremely high melting point, so it will still be around when you disassemble the engine for fewer stuck bolts.

Crower Solid
Roller Lifters

Crower's new Maximus line of solid roller lifters are all American-made. They feature a high-strength alloy steel body that has been carbonized for strength and superior wear resistance. A stainless steel alignment bar keeps the rollers in place, and grooved mounting pads ensure proper alignment. The tool steel wheel rides on tapered and polished needle bearings, and a high-pressure oiling hole keeps a steady flow of oil flowing over the bearings.