Racequip Has
Expanded Line
of Safety Gear

If you have a son or daughter racing, you may have found it can be difficult to find good quality safety gear in their size. Racequip is now offering suits, shoes, and other gear in sizes from 5 years old to 5X. If you can't find your size among that, you probably need to quit racing and join the circus.

R2C No-Oil Air

For years, oiled cotton air filters have been the standard among racers. But now select air filters manufacturers like R2C are offering no-oil air filters that work just as well (and sometimes better) without oil. Racing an oilless filter means dirt track racers can clean the filters between heats and the main simply by blowing it out with low-pressure compressed air from the inside out. R2C also has a housing made specifically for Sprint Cars. No more washing your filters out with water, waiting for them to dry and re-oiling every couple of weeks.

CV Products Spin Series for
Dirt Late Model

The Spin series of pumps from CV products attempts to simplify and improve life for Dirt Late Model racers. The oil pump, fuel pump, and power steering pump are designed as a package to work together seamlessly, but they can also be used separately or in any combination. Spin pumps are also designed from scratch to be lightweight without sacrificing strength, prime exceptionally quick, and wear resistant.

Track Moist Dust Suppressant
Track Moist is a new product that is supposed to help dirt track operators reduce dust, save water, and reduce track prep time. One 4-liter container mixes with 45,000 gallons of water and is said to help the water penetrate deeper into the soil. Theoretically, this should also help improve the racing at a track because the track surface is more stable and doesn't change throughout the night.

GoPro In-Car Camera
GoPro has been producing these tiny cameras for a while now, but it didn't approach the Saturday night circle-track racing market until it felt it had a camera that handled typical racetrack low-light levels well enough. Now GoPro has the HD Motorsports Hero camera that sells for just $300, mounts easily on a rollcage bar and produces very good video results. Now racers can inexpensively produce in-car footage for their sponsors or fans in glorious high definition.

ECR Unlimited

Dirt Late Model Engine
ECR-or Earnhardt Childress Racing Engines-has branched out from the NASCAR Cup Series, and this Dirt Late Model engine is the result. ECR begins with an aluminum Dart SB2 block, adds SB2 Cup heads and throws in all the tricks learned from years of racing in NASCAR's top series. It specs out at 437 cubic inches, and Dale McDowell-who was part of the development program-won three out of his five first races after partnering with ECR.