Oakley Racing Suits
Oakley has taken the manufacture of its racing suits in-house to maintain complete control over quality. The Factory Pilot is the company's three-layer suit, while the two-layer suit is called the Coil Over. The suits are constructed from CarbonX and feature magnet closures (fully covered to keep them from absorbing heat) instead of the usual snaps and Velcro. www.oakley.com

Dart Cast 4.500 Block
A Dart billet aluminum race block with 4.500-inch bore spacing is a winner on the track and very popular. But that billet block is also a bit expensive. Now, racers on a budget have an option with Dart's new cast 4.500 block based on the billet piece. This block works with the new, popular 9-degree Chevy-style heads as well as the 11-degree Dart Little Chief cylinder heads. www.dartheads.com

Jones Racing Products
CT525 Front Drive System
General Motor's CT525 crate engine is catching on in the stock car racing world, and Jones Racing Products has a belt drive system designed to make using the engine in your race car easier. The modular system allows you to choose from several formats and includes provisions for a mechanical cooling fan, alternator, power steering, or just powering the water pump. The choice is yours.

TCI Max Shift ATF Fluid
Like the Fastlap torque converter, TCI's new Max Shift Circle Track fluid is designed specifically for stock car racing. It's a brand-new formulation (TCI's Scott Miller says it isn't a synthetic or a conventional oil but won't say exactly what it is) that is capable of withstanding 450 to 500 degrees F before it starts to lose viscosity. This makes is a great oil for racers who aren't running a dedicated oil cooler.

Tilton 600
Series Pedals
The new 600 Series of control pedals from Tilton are designed to bring many of the same features of the top-of-the-line 900 series for a great price. These floor-mount pedals feature ramps to prevent balance bar "tipping," high-strength 7/16-inch balance bars, adjustable foot pads (with the aluminum pedals) and oil-impregnated bronze bushings at the pedal pivots for maintenance free operation.

SRP Professional
SRP has long been a favored brand to low-cost, high-quality racing pistons. Now it is introducing the Professional piston line. These typically feature a 1.2mm top ring, 1.5mm napier-style second ring for improved oil control, and a 3.0mm oil ring. They also have a 2.25-inch wide lightweight wristpin and a skirt coating. But probably most important, most pistons in the Professional line are around 60 grams lighter than the standard SRP piston.

Fluidyne Late
Model Radiator/
Oil Cooler Package
Fluidyne understands most racers aren't running on unlimited budgets, so it has come up with this radiator and oil cooler package as a way to help. Designed to work together, the radiator and oil cooler install easily and work well together. But they are separate units so if one gets damaged you can purchase just that component.