We call it a crystal ball, but really it's the Performance Racing Industry trade show that gathers the best and most progressive racing companies in the country to Orlando, Florida, every year. And we dutifully attended and sifted through acres of booths to find the very best new products that will be available to stock car racers and engine builders this year. Some are refinements of older products and ideas, while others are completely brand-new. But hopefully, you'll be able to find something among this roundup to help you go faster, be safer, market your race team a little better, and overall just have more fun.

ARP Mustang & Camaro Bodies
for Short-Track Racing

In 2010 Ford's new Mustang won't just be found in NASCAR's Nationwide Series. Aluminum Racing Products has this new 2010 Mustang body for offset and tube frame chassis with 101- to 105-inch wheelbases and 66-inch tread width. The body was designed for use by the ASA Late Model Challenge Series but may be legalized by other racing series. ARP is also manufacturing a 2010 Camaro body to complement the Ford offering. Keep in mind that neither one is ABC legal.

TCI Fastlap
Torque Converter

TCI's newest 10-inch torque converter is designed expressly for circle-track racing. With an extremely low stall speed, this converter should provide good engine braking going into the corners and strong acceleration out of them. It is also designed to work as efficiently as possible. Oversized bearings increase capacity and the small, 10-inch diameter reduces rotating weight.

Peterson Fluid
Systems Roots-
Style Oil Pump

Peterson's new oil pump is so different, it actually has a patent pending. The new design replaces the traditional steel gears with four-lobe roots-style rotors constructed from aluminum. Peterson says the new pump produces better vacuum and more stabile oil pressure while weighing less than traditional pumps.

Arctic Seat Suit

If you like your Cool Shirt but don't like the added weight of bolting a cooler of ice water into your car, the Arctic Seat system may be just what you're looking for. The system works like a small air conditioner and draws a max of just 18 amps from your electrical system. Best of all, it weighs significantly less than the traditional system of pumping air through a cooler filled with ice and water.

Chase Cam
Video and
Data Logger

This is not just an in-car video system. The Chase Cam Data Module allows you to combine in-car video with a data logger than records data from GPS, a three-axis accelerometer, vehicle sensors, and OBD2. The system also uses a 100 percent solid state design-no moving parts should mean great durability.

Comp Cams Break-In Oil
Failing a flat tappet camshaft during a new race engine's operation has become so problematic that Circle Track has done complete articles just on that subject. Previously, Comp had an additive that you could add to your oil to help improve the break-in process for flat tappets, but now the company has a new oil just for that tricky task. Comp's appropriately named Break-In Oil uses a ZDDP-enhanced formula designed specifically for stock car race engines with flat-tappet camshafts-which are worlds apart from over-the-road engines that most oils are formulated for.

Holley HP Series

Holley has shown the HP Series carbs before, but they should actually become available in 2010. These carbs are cast from aluminum for lighter weight and better durability. Also, there is more volume in the bowls, and that additional fuel capacity should make tuning easier on short tracks with high side loading. The new bowl has also been designed to make it much less likely that the jets become uncovered by fuel sloshing around.

Bilstein SLS Series Shocks
Bilstein's new SLS Series of racing shock absorbers use a new coding system that is designed to let you know exactly what the performance is going to be on the racetrack. Specific numbers in the shock's ID code relate directly to the rebound and compression performance. The bodies are plated for durability and rapid heat dissipation, and the shocks will convert to coilover applications.