We are happy to announce to the racing world that a new, innovative, and unique series has formed in Florida whereby team owners, drivers, track owners, and promoters combined their needs into a formula for a series that is sure to be a success.

Dick and Wayne Anderson along with Alan Bruns have organized the Florida All-Stars Tour Late Model Racing Series, or F.A.S.T. It is a 12-race schedule that visits six different racetracks from February 20 through October 16.

Recognizing that asphalt late model racing in the state of Florida had a problem, Wayne had a vision and decided it was time to act. He, along with the other partners and several tracks, developed what could be a near perfect plan to entice larger fields and crowds.

The series is called a Racers Series, a term used by Wayne. "The decision to create a racers series was because Florida needed a Late Model series with a common set of rules to compete at any track from south to north Florida, that was determined to keep racers together under one umbrella and concentrate on keeping the rising cost to compete down, along with helping our promoter partners."

That's one long sentence that really says it all. The key words here are "promoter partners" because the track owners and promoters have long been sensitive to the fact that they had most of the exposure and investment in short track racing and therefore had to dictate the rules. Now this group of racers has convinced them that in order to survive, they must work together. And the promoters have fully bought into the plan.

Dick says, "It is amazing the amount of support that we have received from track promoters, race team owners, and drivers. F.A.S.T. is organized by racers to promote Late Model racing within the state of Florida. We have looked at every aspect of the process when a touring series comes to a local track and is assisting the track promoter with sponsorship, advertising, and promotions." Through that analysis, they have come up with a way to please everyone, fans included.

Here Is The Plan The F.A.S.T. series competitors will include Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, and Crate Late Models which will all compete together in the same race. The different types of performance will be adjusted by weight based on engine combination and chassis. The group believes it has come up with a true and accurate way of equalizing the cars which amount to eight different categories of chassis and engine combinations.

Length The races will be 100 laps with a maximum of three laps counted per caution up to lap 75. Laps 75 to 100 will all be green (caution laps don't count) and the finish will be a green, white, checker if there is a caution at the end.

Tires There is also a maximum allowance of eight new tires per event-including practice, qualifying, and the race. The picking up, mounting, and use of tires will be closely monitored and there is a minimum of 46 durometer hardness rule with no tolerances.

Weights The weights are as follows: Crate 2,650 pounds, Limited Late Model 2,725 pounds, and Super Late Models 2,800 pounds (9-1 motors in a Super Late must weigh 2,825 pounds). There is a 58 percent left-side weight maximum for all cars. Only time will tell if this weight break system will be ideal to equalize the field and the qualifying runs will truly tell the tale

Bodies ABS or non-ABC are allowed, but nothing "out of the ordinary" and anything suspect must go through a referee. This means that if you race anything in Florida that even comes close to the rules, you'll probably be allowed in this series. Imagine if you run a Limited Late Model, stock clip car now. This means you can run with the big dogs and really have some fun.