Racers often need an extra pair of hands when working on the race car. But when your crew is off getting a cup of coffee and you're left to go it alone what do you do? Well, Rockwell has the solution with its new Jawhorse.

The Jawhorse is a heavy-duty, folding work station and clamping system like no other. Constructed of heavy-gauge, powdercoated steel throughout, the sturdy Jawhorse can support up to 600 pounds. Yet, it weighs only 43 pounds for easy portability. The wide-stance tripod design keeps all three non-slip, rubber-padded feet firmly on the ground, even on uneven terrain.

When open, it measures 39 inches long x 39 inches wide x 35 inches high while closed it takes up just 30 inches long x 14 inches wide x 14 inches high, about half the size of a golf bag. It also has a built-in wheel for easy transport.

The Jawhorse's, 8 inches x 3 inches steel jaws open to 37 inches, which is wide enough to hold almost anything a race car could throw at it. By pumping a foot pedal, the work piece is compressed to the desired tightness with up to 2,200 pounds of gripping force. The foot pedal is equipped with a stirrup to prevent your foot from slipping, and the clamping jaw travels 1 inch with each stroke of the pedal and can clamp at any point so it is infinitely adjustable and precise.

The Jawhorse takes the place of workbenches, stands, sawhorses, vices, and clamps. You can set up shop at the racetrack or in your garage. Project DLM driver Bobby Clark gave it a try while fabricating the deck for our Mastersbilt chassis. You can see in the accompanying photo that he could easily use a reciprocating saw on a piece of aluminum angle. He reported back that the Jawhorse performed perfectly and remained completely still and rigid while sawing.

"I love it. This tool is awesome," he said. "Every racer should have one."

With an MSRP of $199.97, it's economical enough for everyone and is a must have tool for any race team. Plus it has a host of available accessories tocustomize it for other non-racing related jobs. You can buy one at www.rockwelltoolsdirect.com and other popular websites, including www.amazon.com.