While at the IMIS Trade Show in Indianapolis I ran across two ingenious new products one for engines and one for chassis. Check them out.

Jones Racing Products-CT525 LS Belt Drive Jones Racing Products had on display a new and slick LS Belt Drive System for your CT525 engine. This unique system is configurable to specific requirements based on your type of racing. Say you race dirt, you can use its serpentine water pump drive with a mechanical cooling fan. Run an electic cooling fan? No problem, you can use the company's radius tooth water-pump drive to maximize efficiency. The base system begins as a simple serpentine stand alone water-pump drive. You can then upgrade it with an add-on alternator kit.

From there you can choose whether to go with a mechnical fan setup, an electric fan setup, or none at all. It all depends on your application. Even the top of the line unit is a compact package with an easy, one bolt tightness adjustment. The big bonus is that the alternator and power steering pump are located in close to the center of the engine, making the whole assembly highly versatile regardless of the type of car you race. Contact Jones Racing at www.jonesracingproducts.com or call 610/847-2028.

Coleman Racing-Sway Bar Arm Gene Coleman, the founder of Coleman Racing, is a man known for coming up with innovative, unique, and sometimes even radical parts designs. He's made a company and a career of doing it. He probably has more products in his back room that never made it to production than most companies have in their active inventory. So, it really didn't surprise me when I walked by the Coleman booth and saw yet another brand-new design.

What I was looking at was Coleman Racing's new sway bar arm. But this one is different, it is stronger, yet lighter than other designs. It features a left-side adjuster that makes setting the preload on the bar easy. This adjustable tensioner allows you to feel the gap while making adjustments to the pre-load. The arms come in 48- or 49-spline ends and the left-side end has a roller end that eliminates binding as the lower control arm moves.

In addition, the arms are available in any offset and length so that you can properly match your control arm mounting position. For more information, go to www.colemanracing.com or call 800/221-1851.