Driver Suit Think about your choice of driver suit. If it isn't the highest rating for fire protection, then close your eyes and imagine you're trapped in your burning race car, fuel all around you spilled from your car and you need 30 seconds to get out. That's a long time. Sit where you are, look at your watch and see how long 30 seconds is and all the while imagine being engulfed in flames. Now you get the idea. Just adding protective underwear adds to the time you have to escape.

The highest rating in driver suits can provide up to and beyond 30 seconds of protection from fire. Lower rates suits provide less than that down to only 3 seconds in a single layer entry level suit. Can you get out that fast? Make the smart choice.

Driver Seat The seats made for stock cars have improved tremendously over the past 10 years. They now provide good side support, head support, and are more comfortable. If it's been a while since you purchased a new seat, take a look around at what is available and think about making your butt both more comfortable as well as safer.

Simply installing add-ons for head protection helps improve your older design. New nets for arm movement restriction and newer padding just add to the cockpit safety package to further reduce pain and injury in a crash.

Fire Suppression System When you are all done fitting that highly rated firesuit and CarbonX underwear, one more thing might just be the ticket, an updated fire suppression unit with plumbing to critical areas of the car. A well thought out fire bottle delivery system could provide an envelop of protection for you as you remove your belts, unhook your helmet communications and blower hose, release your H&N device, remove your steering wheel, drop your safety net, and climb out of the car.

Hitting that bottle release could bring a measure of relief from flames and heat to allow you to do all of the above. This is like every other safety item we talk about, you'll never need it until you need it. It is insurance. Every time you get into your car, you must think about the worst case scenario. There is never a time when these events take a vacation. The possibility always exists.

Conclusion So, now that you've had a chance to think about all of your wants and wishes, break down your budget and see how much money you have available. Make your list of needs and tally the cost. Then, if you have a dedicated and loyal sponsor, meet with them and present your wish list. It might be easier to get the money you need if you have a definite plan on how you will spend it. A list tells the sponsor you know what you need to be successful and together you might just reach your goals.