Your springs may not wear out, but they can be damaged or sag to the point of being too short. The rate can also change from losing coils as the spring gets shorter. Think about your intended uses and make sure you have the springs you will need for every track condition you might run across, especially if you are touring and will run different tracks. One size does not fit all when it comes to springs.

Brake System Talk about high maintenance, your brake system needs love and attention, just like your spouse. Ignore this important chassis partner and you'll get a big surprise at some point when you least expect it. Your brake partner will leave you and take your car with it.

Inspect, repair, and/or replace the components that wear the most like the wheel cylinders, master cylinders, calipers, and even the pedal system. Talk to your brake specialist to find new and better pads, rotors, or calipers.

Ball and Heim Joints The chassis suspension pivots all have a high rate of wear and failure if not maintained and replaced periodically. Inspect your trailing arm Heim joints, arm bushings, and ball joints. Now is the time to consider switching to the low-friction ball joints and choosing the shaft length that will help improve your moment center design. Or install mono-balls so that making height changes to your spindle pivots is fast and easy.

Steering System Here is an item that often gets overlooked. Steering components don't last forever. Slop in the rack, steering box, or U-joints along the steering shaft, or a power assist unit that goes out can make the driver very uncomfortable. A steering part that breaks always brings with it more damage to the car and a lot of time and expense to repair. Stay on top of your steering system and you will finish more races.

Rear Suspension There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to the rear of the car. Pull bars, lift arms, spear rods, J-bars, and birdcage designs all change and evolve. Simply installing a Panhard/J-bar adjuster could save you valuable time in the pits during a race or just when testing or practicing.

Racers are always looking for ways to improve bite off the corners and the manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ideas and improved parts. Keep checking with the various companies and car builders for new ideas.

Safety Items
Helmets Newer helmet designs offer better cooling, better protection, and less weight. If you've had a hard lick wearing your old helmet, and you haven't had it inspected, you need to send it off to the manufacturer for the once over. Or, better yet, look over all of the new models and opt to buy a new one that is more advanced. You have plenty of time to make your choice of a new one or send in the old one before that first practice.

Head-and-Neck Restraint System You should know by now how we feel about this item, it is a must-have for anyone racing a stock car, period. If you don't have one, get one. Think about the old west days when the horse thief was hanged from the nearest tree, well that is exactly what it is like to hit a concrete wall hard and not have an H&N restraint system on, no kidding.

The drivers who die not wearing these safety items appear to have been hanged. Don't risk it, dig up the cash now and just buy one. When and if you do hit the wall hard, you will know why that was money well spent. Do it for your family as well as for yourself. They may end up missing you, and you them, otherwise.

SeatBelts Seatbelts, by regulation, have a life. Inspect your belts for wear and tear and to see if the date has expired. If so, it's time to replace them. New belts aren't real expensive, but necessary for being safer in your car. There are many different models on the market and mounts for every application.