By the way, the etching step does not clean the concrete. That has to be done prior to etching. We used an industrial strength degreaser mixed with water to thoroughly mop the floor before starting. With the floor completely swept and mopped, we applied a mist of water to the surface. Pay careful attention here because the concrete should accept the water evenly and consistently across the entire surface to be coated. If there are areas of beading on the surface, it represents a possible contaminate that will interfere with the adhesion of the new floor. Any of these areas need to be completely cleaned.

With everything clean, slowly add 1 quart of the professional Etch Solution to 3 quarts of water in a plastic watering can (1 gallon total). Working in a 10x10-foot section of the floor, pour out the etching solution evenly on the floor. Scrub the solution around with a stiff bristle broom. The etching solution should fizz for about 4-5 minutes while being scrubbed. (Note: if the concrete does not fizz it means that there is a sealer on the floor and must be chemically or mechanically removed).

When the fizzing stops, hose off the solution and move on to the next section. When all sections are completed, rinse three times while scrubbing with a stiff bristle broom. A wet/dry vacuum should be used to pick up all the water. To speed up the process, use a floor squeegee to push excess water to the center of the floor, then vacuum. Do not leave pooled water on the floor. Let the floor dry at least 2 hours with a fan operating to move air over the surface.

This is really, really important. The floor must be completely dry before applying any coatings. If it isn't you will have problems with the application and the product could fail.

The kit for our main shop does not have decorative chips but the one for our showroom does. Chips get broadcast over the coating's surface after it has been applied. We'll cover this application in a separate story. One thing that Mike McAllister from RockSolid warned us about is to follow the instructions to the letter. So, without interpretation here are the exact instructions for applying this floor:

Never mix more than half of the kit at a time.
1. Place a tarp on the ground and thoroughly shake the Rock Solid Primer-Body Coat parts A and B
2. Remove the lids of both sides and mix separately with a paint stirrer until uniform.
3. Utilizing the calibrated 2.5 quart mixing containers, measure 20 oz. of the Primer-Body Coat Part A and add 40 oz. of the Primer-Body Coat Part B. Remember, it's imperative to only mix half of the kit at a time. Use the supplied paint stir stick to mix the combined materials for a minimum of 2 minutes, making sure to scrape the sides of the container and blend thoroughly. The pot life of the material is 20 minutes. It will be important to utilize a helper to brush in edges while the second person is rolling.