Pour the mixed material into an 18-inch paint tray, keeping a small amount in the mixing container for brushing in edges. Using a 3-inch paintbrush, cut the material in around the perimeter on half the area to be coated. Fully saturate an 18-inch roller and apply material in 4x4-foot sections in a thin and even coat across the floor using an "M & W" pattern. This pattern will provide the most uniform results and ensure that the material will spread over the desired area. Once a strip across the entire back wall has been coated, you may broadcast the RockSolid Floors Decorative Chip if desired. The performance of the coating will not be affected with or without chips-it is simply a decorative touch to enhance the look of the coating. It's important when broadcasting the chip to leave yourself a "wet edge." This is a 6- to 12-inch section of the coated floor that will not receive chips until the next section of coating is applied and rolled into the "wet edge," allowing for a seamless application. Once the next section has been rolled you may broadcast chips again and continue this system throughout the floor, cutting in edges as you go. Mix the remaining half of the kit only after the first batch is completely applied to the floor. Do this quickly to avoid having material dry on the roller.

Not surprisingly the cure time depends on temperature and humidity but averages 6-8 hours for foot traffic. You'll need to keep the whole area clear for 48 hours before you start working on your race car.

Things We Learned Twenty Minutes Means Twenty Minutes

When the directions say that the pot life is 20 minutes, they mean 20 minutes-not 19, not 21, 20. After that 20 minutes expires any unused material is junk. In addition, remember I said we had an issue with the weather? For those of you who haven't been to Florida in the summer, it rains every day down here, usually around 4 p.m. The other thing about Florida in the summer is that when the weatherman predicts no rain he tends to be wrong.

Magazine deadlines being what they are, we were forced to pick a day with little chance of rain (according to the weatherman) and take our chances. Well, Mother Nature decided to test us. A mid-afternoon shower while we were working on the floor essentially cut 5 minutes off of the pot-life of the coating. If you can wait to apply your RockSolid floor during a clear, less humid day, do it. Keep in mind that the ideal temperature range when working with Primer-Body Coat is 40 degrees F to 90 degrees F (4 degrees C to 30 degrees C). Warmer temperatures can shorten working time while cooler temperatures will require longer cure times. As we found out, humidity can also affect the dry time of the Primer-Body Coat. Higher humidity will shorten the pot-life of the material and will cause it to set quicker.

Cheap Rollers Will Become Useless
Do not try to skimp on rollers. Buy the professional-grade stuff at a real paint store. A member of the team who shall remain nameless thought he could save some bucks by buying the economy pack. This real Polyurea coating ate right through the cheap roller.

Do not reuse mixing containers, rollers, or paintbrushes If you allow the partially cured material to come in contact with freshly mixed material, the new material will cure almost instantly. This translates into a higher cost because you'll need additional rollers, containers, and so on.

The Bottom Line
This floor coating system is truly an industrial-strength coating system. You have to work quickly and concentrate on what you are doing. You're also going to need more than one person if you're doing a floor of any reasonable size. But the bottom line is the finished surface is Formula 1 quality. RockSolid backs up the floor's good looks with an industry leading 3-year warranty against delamination that they'll boost to 5 if you use the Clear Top Coat as well. One look at our finished product and you can tell that this coating is definitely RockSolid.