The driver needs to be evaluated too. This is a sensitive subject most of the time. The driver's job is the most important one on the crew simply because all that might go right otherwise must be taken the rest of the way by the driver. Just as other team members need review and support, so does the driver.

A good driver won't mind a good overview of his/her performance during the past season. Along with "constructive criticism" must come encouragement and suggestions for improvement for all team members including the driver.

The process of getting the car ready to go racing and the work that goes on at the track is important to success. A team that does a better job of preparing a car at the shop will have more track time with fewer headaches. Evaluate how prepared you were last season.

You've seen the teams who are all over the car from the time it's unloaded at the track until it is fired up and goes out. They are usually late for practice and get to run less laps as a result. Maybe the team members can't get to the shop during the week, but they should. Doing basic maintenance work on race day is a hard way to go.

When I raced, I had other teams at the track comment that I never worked on my car. I told them I got all of my work done in the shop before I left for the track. And that is the way it must be. Other than tire selection and fueling, everything needs to be completed so that the car can take part in the first practice session. Think about how prepared your team was last season. If they were not well prepared, then maybe they can get better organized so that things run more smoothly in the future.

Did your team have all of the tools that were necessary to properly work on the car last season? In thinking back, you might recall having to borrow certain tools to the point that it might be time to buy those tools. If some of your power equipment is getting old and worn, it might be time for a rebuild or replacement.

Think about what tools other teams had and how that affected their preparation. If you don't have a set of scales, then now might be a time to find the funds for that most basic setup tool. Pit guns, compressors, drills, rivet guns, welders, race jacks, saws, and more are all tools that we use constantly. Go over each and every one of them to make sure they will hold up next season.

The way in which the crew communicates is of primary importance in getting anything done efficiently on the team. In any business or endeavor, the methods used to communicate will make the difference between success and failure. A separate and frank discussion about how your crew transfers information would be one of the most important discussions you can have post season.

Crew Chief
The leader of the team must effectively communicate how he wants the team to perform, meaning who does what and when. The overall plan for that can be designed by the team, but ultimately it is the leader who enforces the plan and executes the orders. It all starts at the top.

Individual Team Members
Each team member must know exactly what is expected of him or her, and be willing and able to execute the assigned duties. Other team members can help with the learning process of a person new to his or her duties, but everyone must be up to task before the first race of the season.

The team members must develop a good line of communication between themselves outside the crew chief so that their duties will assist each other and not negatively affect each other. Some tasks just take two or more people to accomplish. So, team members will help out when needed. Don't be afraid to ask for help, or give a hand when needed.