Beyond the scholarships the evening also recognized the hard work of the people who made the program a success in 2009. Raskovic presented a special ASA Educational Series recognition award to Dave Grueneberg and Terry Kunes for their dedication and involvement in promoting the growth of the series. The plaques were presented on behalf of Dennis Huth, President/Pete Raskovic, Founding Partner/Larry Pond, Series Director; the three principles in the American Speed Association Educational Series.

He also awarded three scholarships in honor of the late Ken Hendricks of ABC Supply. "Ken had a way of believing in people. He believed in himself, in other people, and what people can accomplish. He was a visionary and a great mentor . . . he led me to this idea to bring people together in racing," said Raskovic. Winners were Zack Driver, Darren Wittman, and Daniel Herried. "These awards are to kids who have gone above and beyond. The ones that drivers or crew members will say 'Hey, take a look at this kid.'"

Of course the very core of the program is the scholarships from Ohio Tech. "You kids are going to have a very positive experience at Ohio Tech," said OTC's Randy Dziadowicz as he handed out scholarships ranging from $2,500 to as high as $25,000. "We are an award-winning school. You are all quality kids who come from quality parents. We're excited to be part of the new national program and have made a commitment to see this program grow."

By the time you read this, 13 of the scholarship winners will be sitting in the Fall semester classes at Ohio Technical College with more planning on beginning in the winter.

With the expansion of the program and the support of OTC for 2010, the ASA Educational Series has a bright future. The program teaches that hard work, discipline and dedication pay off in a big way, and what parents wouldn't want that for their children?