Long-term, what changes do you think are worth considering?
Some racing series could consider an additional paradigm in racing. Let the cars be the stars by pitting multiple technologies against each other and even out the field with sporting rules that focus on energy allocations and technology innovation. Exhaust emission controls can also be incorporated. If done right, these changes wouldn't change the speed and excitement of these cars, but it will turn racing into a true proving ground for innovation, and will improve the cars we drive in the future.

What opportunities do you see in exploring sustainable fuels and alternative engine technologies?
Taking this question in the context of motorsports, the opportunities are limitless. One could view racing as the space program of the automotive world. The spirit of competition stimulates and accelerates innovation. There may be green technologies and alternative fuel sources out there that need only a platform to prove they can work, and when they do that in racing, it is in front of millions of racing fans.

Absent of any considerations for including green technologies in racing, what do you think the motorsports community will look like in 10 years?
So much of that will depend on whether racing series and sanctioning organizations want to become more relevant. Even without a green movement, racing could become a technological proving ground. Racing will still have to respond to the different interests of newer generations of fans, and concerns about energy and the environment will likely be a part of those interests.

Best case, by including green technologies in racing, what do you then think the motorsports community will look like in 10 years?
I would expect to still see a wide diversity in motorsports competition. However, I would expect to see the green movement touching virtually every major racing venue in some way. Because of early innovators in the racing world, green racing could become an important marketing tool to stay in front of the competition."