Engine Change One big change we made and detailed in the December issue of Circle Track is the installation of a brand-new Roush-Yates Dirt Late Model motor to replace the 520hp motor we were running. Using NASCAR Sprint Cup technology and components, this new motor was built by Yates' veteran employee Jeremy Anderson.

In our first outing at Volusia Speedway Park, the car had a handling problem that was later sorted out, but we did easily lay down a pair of black steaks down the straights.

One can never totally use 822 hp on many of the dirt tracks we have traditionally raced with this car. But you try to get as close to full throttle as you can. Throttle modulation is an art that must be mastered, and watching the winning race video, I'm convinced that Bobby is well on his way to getting it right. I never saw him spin the tires or loose ground. And the motor pulled strong all of the way through the range of rpm we were running.

Other Changes Bobby told us that a couple of other things made a difference. We began using our Circle Track enclosed trailer and that was a big help over his old open trailer. It allowed him to bring a bigger assortment of tools, provide a retreat from the action, and overall made him feel like he was moving on up in the racing world. Don't discount the power of confidence new and better equipment can provide.

Leaf Racewear also set the team up with new crew shirts and a new driver suit for Bobby that both looked great, but also fit better and provided a greater measure of protection. Having the right safety equipment has a positive affect on your mental attitude. You lose that lingering question in the back of your mind: "Am I really going to be alright if this thing bursts into flames?"

Conclusion In closing, we want to thank Bobby and his girl, Tanya, crew chief Pete Epple, Anthony Griffith, and all of the others who helped this effort. We are learning this sport, just like many of you. This is just a start and we're going to get into more detailed experimentation for the 2010 season.

We'll have a new Mastersbilt chassis to play with, our new Roush-Yates motor, and more. Stay tuned as we attack new and uncharted setup parameters. Whether we improve or go backwards, we will provide you with the details. It's all good stuff.CT