Take The Guessing Out Of Welding
By integrating the exclusive Auto-Set feature into an already popular all-in-one MIG welder, Miller created the new Millermatic 212 Auto-Set. Auto-Set simplifies weld setup by automatically selecting wire feed speed and voltage after the operator inputs wire diameter and material thickness. This new welder also is equipped with infinite voltage control for better manual fine-tuning of weld parameters for all materials. The Millermatic 212 Auto-Set, can weld up to 3/8-inch mild steel in a single pass and is compatible with the Spoolmatic 15A/30A spool guns for aluminum welding. For more information visit www.millerwelds.com.

New Ford Dome Piston
Diamond Racing's new Dome series of pistons are designed for the Windsor 302 and 351 (4.9L/5.7L) engines. Intended for oval track racers, as well as the Sportsman, Weekend Warrior, and Bracket racers or any Windsor application using fuel with an octane rating in excess of 108 and compression ratios of between 11.5:1 and 14.8:1, this new piston series is available in a vast range of new part numbers. For the 302 engine with original valve arrangement, the Diamond Dome series caters to the OEM standard bore (4-inch), and extends to 0.060-inch overbore. In stroke lengths, they accommodate the OEM standard configuration (3.00-inch with a 5.09-inch rod) and the longer 3.250-inch stroke as well as the 3.400-inch stroke, both of which use a 5.40-inch rod, providing desirable displacements for the 331 and 347 cid proponents. For more information, please visit www.DiamondRacing.net.

New Billet Brake Adjuster
If you're looking for a billet brake balance adjuster that offers "no bind" adjustments, then Longacre Racing Products has just what you need. Ball bearing mounts make adjustments easy and trouble-free. Just grab the round knob or handle and detents every 90 degrees make precise adjustments a sure thing. The included braided flex line won't wrap up either. For more information, contact your Longacre dealer or visit www.longacreracing.com.

Powerhouse's New Pro Head CC Kit
Engine builders and machinists use the process of cc'ing a cylinder head to measure the volume of combustion chambers in the head for the purpose of ensuring all combustion chambers in the engine are the same size as well as determining compression ratio. However, not all cylinder heads, or engines for that matter, are of equal size. That's why Powerhouse Products has gone out of its way to ensure that the needs of the customer are met, by offering its Pro Head CC Kit in various sizes. In addition to the different sizes, Powerhouse Pro Head CC Kits provide everything you need to properly cc cylinder head combustion chambers, intake and exhaust runners, intake manifolds, and/or cylinders. The precision glass burettes are compatible with alcohol, parts washers, or any other solution one can use. With no math involved, the kit's easy-to-read scales are marked off in 0.2cc increments (except the 250cc model) and actually read out the amount you have poured. For more information, please go to www.powerhouseproducts.com.

CTECH Goes Mini
CTECH Aluminum Cabinets and Carts recently introduced its new Mini Cart. With an all aluminum alloy construction, this pit cart will easily become one of the most desired, quality carts on the market. Featuring the CTECH-patented Motionlatch handle, pneumatic tires, and optional flip-top work surface, the Mini Cart is perfect for any pit environment. "It's the ideal size for having all your essential tools, parts, and cleaners in your pit area instead of hidden in your trailer," says Josh Brehm, CTECH sales representative. "This cart will create a professional pit environment and will have everyone's attention." The Mini Cart is available in several configurations with various options. For more information, visit www.racecabinet.com.

Piston Coating Gets Wise-Co
Wiseco's new ArmorGlide skirt coating is the result of testing, development, and benchmarking through Wiseco's rigorous in-house dyno program. The outcome is the ultimate in skirt coating toughness, lubrication, and bond technology working together to minimize friction, maximize horsepower, and provide improved wear resistance. Not only is ArmorGlide a high-tech lubricant that reduces friction, but it also allows the piston to be fitted tighter within the bore than a non-coated piston. The benefit of reducing piston-to-wall clearance is better ring seal and reduced noise from piston rock. The computer-controlled application process allows for an extremely consistent, uniform coating that follows the piston skirt profile, applying the coating only where it's need. Best of all, ArmorGlide remains bonded to the base material for the typical life of the piston. Fore more information, visit www.wiseco.com.

Check Those Sidewalls
Chassis Specialty has successfully designed a new product that guarantees to eliminate junk sets of tires. How many times have you bolted on a set of stickers and your car went to junk? Well, Chassis Specialty guarantees to eliminate that problem with its Sidewall Durometer. Currently used in Sprint Cup and other top series, to get yours or for more information contact Chassis Specialty at 704/966-0167 or visit www.chassisspecialty.com.

Rub Your Wing Caps
Rubbn'Repair Wing Caps are tough protection against whatever the track throws at your car. Sprint, Micro and Midget racers now have a new product that can be easily tailored to fit any wing configuration. Rubbn'Repair Wing Caps offer drivers and teams the look of carbon-fiber (black or silver) and the strength of a self-adhesive, high-performance composite.

Originally developed for NASA and made of "shape memory" material, Rubbn'Repair Wing Caps can be customized to any size or shape in only a matter of minutes. The wing caps are hard and rigid, but when they are heated, they become soft and moldable. Teams can custom-fit their wings with protection that stays put even under the hardest racing conditions. Within seconds, the wing caps harden again into a strong, lightweight protective cap that holds the new shape. For more information, visit www.rubbinrepair.com.