Penske's New Head Valve Shock
Penske Racing Shocks recently announced the release of its new Short Track Head Valve Series, available for use with its 7500 and 7600 series shock absorbers. The Short Track Head Valve Series is a removable assembly that can be incorporated into the 7500 or 7600 series shock with little or no modifications. A head valve shock allows lower gas pressures, resulting in more grip and substantially reduced rod pressure. Utilizing a two-port piston design, the assembly can be valved to compliment any level of damping at the main piston. Easily adaptable to fit any vehicle specification, they are available in a variety of shock lengths and offered as an adjustable or sealed unit with the choice of a coilover or smooth body. The Short Track Head Valve Series begins at $80 an assembly. For more information, contact Dave Reedy, Short Track Manager, at Penske Racing Shocks 610/375-6180 or visit

Big Billet Carb
dAMBEST's new billet carburetor is one powerful and responsive carb, and get this, it weighs in at a mere 6 pounds. Every angle of throttle position is adjustable. The adjustable linkage allows control of the rate at which the secondary is applied. It also features a bottom feed needle and seats to reduce fuel foaming. We loved the improved fuel-view window.

With 705 cfm at 10 inches of water and 994 cfm at 20 inches of water, this carburetor out-flows standard 4500 series carbs, yet has superior booster signal. It's recommended for engines 650 to 850 hp and comes with a red anodized standard finish. The pictured polished finish is optional. For more information, contact dAMBEST at 845/473-1136 or visit

Super Light Wheel
Longacre Racing Products now offers a super lightweight steering wheel that helps eliminate arm and hand fatigue. Starting with a large tube of uncoated aluminum, the wheel is fabricated and then Longacre engineers drill 192 holes to further lighten it. After drilling, the wheel is peened to ensure the best grip possible. Black wheels are then anodized to provide a tough, durable finish. The Longacre lightweight drilled wheel comes both dished and flat and in 14- and 15-inch sizes. For more information, contact your Longacre dealer or visit

Charging Light
West Palm Beach, Florida-based Flashlight-er recently introduced one of the neatest items we've seen. The new Flashlight-er is a dual-function emergency flashlight and device charger for cars and trucks. Plug it into your car's cigarette lighter and it will charge everything from PDAs, to phones, to iPods--pretty much any hand-held device with a USB port, and even many without one. Get the Dual Function Flashlight-er and you can run larger personal electronics like laptops, radar detectors, and GPS units. Pull the unit out of the cig lighter and you've got a high-power flashlight, fueled by three LED bulbs and a diffuser lens. For more information, visit

New Stopping Power
Boyd-Built Fabricators is proud to announce the release of the new 6'2" and 7'2" Racer's Brakes. They're built with the same quality and pride (100 percent American-made) as Boyd-Built's standard and H.D. lines, but in an affordable racer-friendly design. The 6'2" lists for $1,495 and is ideal for Modifieds, while the 7'2" is perfect for Late Models and lists for $1,850. Both come complete with radius bars, counterweights, and are fully assembled. For more information, contact Boyd-Built at 423/698-1270 or visit

Computerize Your Setup
Racing Software Technology is pleased to announce the release of the all new Computerized Chassis Setup 2.0. Originally released in 1987, Computerized Chassis Setup is a tried and true circle track chassis setup software for use on quarter- to -mile dirt or pavement tracks. Over the years, Computerized Chassis Setup has been updated to keep up with the ever changing chassis setups. Now, it has been completely overhauled for ease of use and to work with the latest computer operating systems. All of the screens have been enhanced to make it easier to visualize the measurements needed for the software to compute chassis setups. Like it's predecessor, Computerized Chassis Setup 2.0 will calculate weight distribution, the center of gravity location, front roll center, tire patch, minimum stagger, and wheel rates just to name a few. New to Computerized Chassis Setup 2.0 are antidive, antisquat, rear roll center, average corner g, and dynamic weight transfer. To see examples of how easy it is to use Computerized Chassis Setup 2.0, go to To order, contact Steve Smith Autosports Publications--Order# C155--at 714/639-7681.

Clip It!
New from St.George Motorsports, Chassis Clipz is a reusable plastic tube clip for mounting wire harnesses, fuel lines, brake lines, and more. Chassis Clipz are a great tool to hold and remove any type of lines to a chassis without cutting hundreds of zip ties and dealing with the clean up. The tube sizes range from 1.5, 1.625, 1.750, 2.0 while the loop sizes include 0.250, 0.500, 0.625, 0.750. Chassis Clipz are Made in the USA by racers for racers. For more information, contact St. George Motorsports at 661/295-6899 or visit