Flap Happy!
Pit Products' new Trailer Door Flaps (PN 934) are a great replacement for that stock trailer door flap. Sold as a set, the trailer door flaps are 36 inches wide, 4 inches tall, and 24 inches deep. They're constructed of heavy-duty material and feature heavy-duty bracing. Great for all types of cars, pit carts, and golf carts, the flaps fold over when in transit, just like the stock door flap. The suggested retail price of $249.95 includes all mounting hardware. For more information, contact Pit Products at 866/849-7786 or visit www.pitproducts.com.

Crate Distrbutor
If you're running the popular 602 or 604 circle track crate engine this season, you'll be glad to know that Performance Distributors recently introduced its new 602/604 crate motor D.U.I. Distributor. The mechanical advance has been calibrated on a distributor machine to meet the exact requirements of these sealed factory engines. Having your timing dialed in to meet crate engine specs, combined with Performance Distributors' racing advance curve will get you out of the corners faster. The 602/604 crate motor D.U.I. Distributors also utilizes a melonized distributor gear which is essential when running the crate motor's steel hydraulic roller camshaft.

The distributor comes complete, including the dependable racing D.U.I. Coil and Dyna-Module which allow you to open up your plug gaps to 0.050-0.055 inch, burning your fuel more completely. Magnetic pick-up coil power is insured by aligning the teeth on the pick-up to the teeth on the shaft reluctor to very exact tolerances. An additional step that also ensures maximum magnetic pick-up coil power is the hand setting of the end-play between the distributor gear and the distributor housing. Proper lubrication of the D.U.I. distributor, along with test firing of the electronic components, provides you with not only an excellent performing ignition system, but also with a very reliable one.

For more information, contact Performance Distributors at 901/396-5782 or visit www.performancedistributors.com.

Get Armored
Eagle Specialty Products Inc. is proud to introduce ESP Armor finishing, a new optional finishing process offered on all new crankshafts, connecting rods, and assemblies purchased from Eagle. ESP Armor delivers a near-perfect surface finish that allows oil to glide effortlessly along the part, greatly reducing running friction and improving oil shedding. Oil temperatures will be lower. Bearing wear is reduced. Durability is increased. And most importantly, less friction means more power and torque! Recent independent tests have shown as much as a 30hp increase (700hp big-block Chevy) when only the crankshaft is finished with ESP Armor. This process, available exclusively from Eagle, also strengthens the part by reducing microscopic stress risers in the surface of the part while improving corrosion resistance.

Available for an additional $175 for crankshafts or additional $99 for a set of eight rods, standard weight rods and cranks include a 1-year limited warranty. For more information, contact Eagle at 662/796-7373 or visit www.eaglerod.com.

Fully Adjustable Billet Aluminum Setup Rack
Intercomp's new Billet Aluminum Setup Rack is machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and offers quick, side-to-side pad adjustments from 52 to 66 inches of track width, and length adjustments for wheelbases from 90 to 120 inches. The unit has a maximum capacity of 4,000 lb/2,000 kg and features quick disconnect, pull pins for rapid setup and dismantling of the rack. The self-contained attachment pins mean no loose hardware to carry along or worse misplace.

The rack features billet scale pockets in the billet frame pontoons for the least deflection possible and is extremely stable with 26 adjustable steel feet. Compact for easy storage and transportation, the rack is constructed with a full billet aluminum frame, honeycomb-stuffed center pontoon platforms, and fully boxed ramps and bridges for long-term longevity and the ultimate in stability. Custom rack dimensions are also available along with fully integrated, built-in scale pads.

For more information, contact Intercomp at 800/328-3336 or visit www.intercompracing.com.

Get Your Own F1 Style
Four new helmets featuring F1 styling are available through Bell Racing for the 2009 racing season. Partnering with Bell Racing Europe, the U.S. arm is importing the HP3, GP2, GT2, and the KC3. The Bell HP3 is the first helmet to meet the FIA8860 standard and has been designed through close collaboration with leading F1 drivers and teams. Featuring an ultra-lightweight, all-carbon shell and an advanced energy absorbing liner system, the helmet has a front lip to provide aerodynamic stability and purpose-designed top and chin bar vents to maximize airflow inside.

The Bell KC3 is the first helmet certified to the CMH youth standard and is designed for young racing drivers competing at lower speeds who are often too small to support the extra size and weight associated with adult helmets. The KC3 design was adapted from the HP3 and features a lightweight carbon/Kevlar composite shell, aerodynamic features, and full ventilation. Check with your sanctioning bodies to verify that the CMR 2007 youth standard is accepted.

Finally, the GP2 combines advanced F1 styling, full helmet ventilation, and aerodynamic performance; while the GT2 is a contemporary helmet with an extra wide eye for racers who want maximum visibility. For more information, contact Bell Racing at 800/237-2700 or visit www.bellracing.com.

No Ordinary Helmet Bag
New for 2009, TeamDI has introduced a helmet bag that not only carries your helmet, but also your head-and-neck restraint device. The appropriately named Head and Neck Restraint (HNR) Helmet Bag features a main compartment with a padded divider to protect both your helmet and neck restraint. The bag also has side pockets and a heavy-duty carrying handle. It's available in Red/Black and Black/Black, for more information please visit www.teamdi.com.

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