What the racers say
Coming from a Go-Kart background ALWTS Rookie driver Kenny Kirsch Jr. decided trucks were the way to go to get to another level and gain some experience. In 2008, his first year, Kirsch finished 13th in overall point standings while capturing the Rookie of the Year title. On the heels of nine career ALWTS starts Kirsch was able to grab two Second Place finishes, one at Toledo (OH) Speedway and another at Iowa Speedway.

"The series was recommended to me as a stepping stone to learn and acquire some knowledge of a traveling racing division," notes Kirsch. "I would like to go bigger someday and this seems to be a good series to learn from some veteran drivers and better myself as I move forward. This is my first year and I'm here to learn. ARCA is a lot of help in the learning department as well as the other competitors."

"When ARCA switched from the Pro-4s to the Trucks there was more enthusiasm from both the promoters and the fans," notes two-time series Champion Robbin Slaughter. "That not only helped us get races at some of the finest tracks in the country, but also garnered more attention from the media. The biggest benefit is ARCA; an established, solid, and well-respected sanctioning body. You don't have to worry about getting paid at the end of the night and you know there'll be a nice point fund at the end of the season."

Perhaps the best endorsement for ARCA's Lincoln Welders Truck Series came from Kirsch Jr., "I'd never been on dirt before until I came to this series. Actually, Paul Hahn, the 2008 ALWTS Champion, has made up setup sheets for each track for me and my team as a guideline. That is very helpful."

That type of camaraderie is just one of the many things that makes the ALWTS so appealing to so many. As a fan you owe it to yourself to go check out a race when it comes to town. As a local racer, you owe it to yourself to consider making the jump to the ALWTS.