Check all of your wiring to detect worn or frayed wires. Where the wires pass through the firewall or other partitions are areas of concern. Replace the rubber grommets and wiring if necessary. You want to feel comfortably sure that a short will not ruin a good night of racing.

Maintaining the carburetor involves all of the internal components as well as the linkage and return springs. Check for smooth operation of the throttle linkage and make sure there's sufficient clearance between the throttle arm and the air cleaner (no throttle sticking here). While under the hood, note the location of the plug wires, check hose clamps, make sure the fuel lines are tight and not leaking, too.

Conclusion The most important thing to remember is that we need to find any structural or mechanical problems with the chassis or other components that are bolted onto the chassis. We need to correct any driver safety related problems that involve wear or age of the seatbelts, restraints, fire suppression system, helmet or seat. And we need to consult the manufacturer partners we have established so they can help us keep everything up and running.

At various times during and at the end of each season, we need to thoroughly go over our race car. During the winter months we can do a complete overhaul so that when we hit the track again in the spring, it will be just like a new car. Establishing a comprehensive maintenance plan can help you avoid failures that could prevent you from having the success you desire. This is all a part of racing and most teams really enjoy the working on the car part of it.

If you have the tools, tear down your rearend and do a full maintenance routine in the off-season. The differentials need to be inspected by the manufacturer and repaired if necessary. I've seen a lot of problems traced back to the diff. lately.

It is always a good idea to ship your shocks off to the manufacturer to be rebuilt and dyno'd after a full season. This will ensure that the seals will be tight, the oil will not leak and the rates are what you need. The rate can be altered if you desire something different. Check the shock mounts for cracks, binding or movement