Super Chips Cortex Programmer Saving 20% In Fuel Usage
Superchips recently announced an impressive set of results from a year-long fuel efficiency towing test in conjunction with Richard Petty Driving Experience (RPDE). The test utilized Petty's fleet of show car trailers and trucks, comparing a Superchips-equipped truck against ones with stock settings.

An '06 Dodge Ram 3500 5.9L (gas) Quad cab was tuned with the towing calibration in a Superchips Cortex hand-held programmer. Nine comparable vehicles were maintained within the fleet (see tables below) and run on stock settings. Over the course of one year, each vehicle towed a 40-ft. trailer with a payload of 13,500 pounds around the country in support of RPDE's NASCAR show car program. Superchips' Cortex programmer saved RPDE 19.68 percent in fuel consumption resulting in an improved range of more than 72 miles per tank.

"We've been very impressed with the results of the test with Superchips. To pick up almost 20 percent goes right to the bottom line, not to mention the drivers' satisfaction with the improved power and drivability," states Chris McKee, Director of Promotions & Media Relations at RPDE. "Doing the math, if we had the Superchips Cortex on all 11 of our trucks, that would have saved us more than 2,300 gallons of fuel or more than $10,000. Needless to say, we're impressed with Superchips on our pickup trucks."

The test results prove Superchips can deliver power and fuel economy. In tow mode, their trucks are picking up an additional 90 hp, 200 lb/ft of torque, and almost 20 percent in fuel savings.

Superchips targets five key areas in each calibration produced: fuel injection and ignition mapping, throttle position response, displacement on demand management, transmission shift patterns, and torque converter strategies. These areas are analyzed and optimized for each calibration across the entire rpm band, not just perceived "sweet spots." And on top of that, Superchips offers a host of advanced features in its products including the only two-year powertrain warranty in the industry with the Cortex.

Superchips' programmers are essentially never out of date with regular, free updating of the unit exclusively at Super-chips consistently re-engineers its calibrations to stay inline with the new calibration files OEM manufacturers release and makes them available at no cost to its customers.

The Cortex product line currently consists of four part numbers covering a broad range of cars, trucks, and SUVs-one part number for all Superchips Ford applications, one for all GM family applications, one for all Chrysler/Dodge applications, and now the recently released Nissan/Infiniti application. All four products are available for purchase in retail stores and online.

Whether you need power, perform-ance, drivability, or improved mileage, Cortex, Flashpaq, and the new Mileage XS from Superchips can provide it. Superchips offers a complete line of hand-held programmers for late-model cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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