One of the better-selling trucks today is the GM Duramax Turbo Diesel which features a transmission from Allison. When you buy a heavy-duty diesel truck, like the Duramax, you buy it for strength and performance. After all, it is pretty hard to tow a 28 foot fully loaded enclosed racecar hauler with the family mini-van. As trucks like this one have become more and more common, the popularity of bolt-on diesel performance upgrades has skyrocketed. In fact, a whole new industry of bolt-on aftermarket performance diesel products sprang up. Of course adding more power and torque to your tow rig will do little unless you beef up that drivetrain to help put that power to the ground. A critical link in achieving this is the transmission. But getting that extra power and torque to the asphalt through a factory transmission can be tricky.

If you own one of these trucks, you owe it to yourself to head over to and check out the new Maximizer Torque Converter, specifically for 2003 and later Duramax Turbo Diesels. This converter makes the "tricky" simple. The Single & Multi-Disc Billet Cover Maximizer Torque Converter yields increased performance, fuel mileage and durability for your GM turbo diesel truck. Designed by the drivetrain engineers at TCI as a simple bolt-in upgrade to the factory Allison 1000 transmission, the Maximizer converters are available in both single and multi-disc configurations to fit the demands of your specific application.

Equipped with the new TCI-developed HDT (Heat Dissipating Technology) Coating, this exclusive coating reduces heat, extending torque converter and transmission life. Additionally, the Maximizer converters are designed to yield a lower-than-factory stall speed, allowing you to fully utilize the tremendous low end torque of the GM turbo diesel engine. This includes increased fuel mileage, better acceleration, and more torque application, all of which contribute to better towing.

To further address the failure points of the OEM-unit, TCI utilizes a newly developed composite "lock up piston" clutch lining as well as a billet cover to handle the increased heat associated with demanding towing applications. The TCI Maximizer converters feature heavy-duty construction and high-quality internal components designed to handle diesel performance upgrades such as programmers, exhaust kits, intake systems, and more.

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