Street stock racing at night at Bristol? Move over NASCAR, Kimmel's coming to town.

Leaving a lasting impression on the race fan goes a long way to getting your division noticed and respected. "The most impressive thing was, without a doubt, the action," says Estes. "Things were happening all over the track every single lap. On one restart, I watched a car pass about 20 others by going to the apron. He had a head of steam and the cars in front of him were four wide all over the first corner, so he took to the bottom like Dale Earnhardt. Without a doubt this was the first truly Stock Car race run at Bristol in many years. The Late Models and NASCAR cars ceased to be Stock Cars long ago, so to see cars that were built to be Monte Carlos, Impalas, and Oldsmobiles back on this track again gave me goose bumps."

Just as the Street Stock division is both competitor and fan friendly, Bristol made fan access a priority. The back stretch became the front stretch as a portable flag stand was placed in the center between Turns 2 and 3. This meant that fans could park in Bristol's upper lot and walk straight into the stands, avoiding the long, tiring climb up the huge front stretch parking lot hill. It also meant that the fans wouldn't have to look into a setting sun to watch the race.

Fan-friendly access and awesome racing action at a mecca of motorsports. What more could the street-stock racer want? Affordable racing is getting to be something of a reach, but with good rules, a decent purse, and both fan-and-competitor friendly venues, Kimmel has created the next great series in racing.