Ross Racing Enterprizes has developed a race car setup software program that features record keeping for multiple race/test sessions, making tracking your different setups a snap. Some of the data that can be recorded and stored include Scaled/Weight setup records, Race/Test session setup records, handling analysis based on tire temperature for tire pressure, tire camber, and overall car balance, with recommended changes to improve handling and a calculator to determine gear ratio, tire size, mph, and rpm.

Named The Racer's Leading Edge, the program has screens such as Race Day Setup and Chassis Weight Setup. These screens feature inputs where you enter the weight in pounds (from scales) for each wheel in the boxes located on the car. The calculated weight/percentages are shown in the yellow boxes. Also, you can save other important car information, such as spring rates for each wheel, shock type, measured ride height, what tires were mounted on the car, and their air pressure. You can also add as many additional cars as you need. When selected, the program saves the information by car number and car class.

The screen from the Racer's Leading Edge Tire Bank program records tire information for each tire/wheel combination for your car based on your entries (up to 99 individual tires). After using the program, we suggest marking each wheel and tire with a number from 1 to 99. This will match the program's Tire ID, which goes from TR01 to TR99. Then, carefully measure the tire circumference (distance around the center of the tread in inches) and enter it into the program. This tire information is used for your selection in the Track Setup and Chassis Weight Setup. When the Edit function is selected, a pop-up screen allows you to add a new tire, update tire information, or delete a tire from the Tire Bank.

The Temperature Analysis screen is where most of the important at-the-track setup information is entered for each track/race. The type of tires/wheels on the car and their location, tire pressures, tire temperatures and track conditions, and starting/finishing position all can be saved (stored in the database) for each track/race. This provides the information to consistently have a great car setup and improve the setup each race using the temperature analysis information.

This screen also allows you to analyze the overall car balance or handling. Analysis results provide condition, amount (how critical is the condition), and corrective action if needed. Having a balanced car will improve your lap times.

The Tire Temperature screen provides a dynamic view of your car's balance or handling, much the same way that having your car scaled (weighed) gives you a static view of your car's balance.

The Racer's Leading Edge software also has calculators to help optimize your weight distribution, tire parameters, and gearing. For example, the calculators allow you to change gearing or tire sizes, and determine the effect on your engine's rpm.

All in all, the Racer's Leading Edge software program is an invaluable tool to help you organize and understand your different chassis setups, making you a better racer.

Ross Racing Enterprizes