After a handful of novelty races, it was time for the school bus feature, and that's when it started raining. With a new bus, we had the luxury of operable windshield wipers. Did I mention we didn't acquaint ourselves with the bus like we should have? As the race began, visibility got poor and Sleepy attempted to find the wiper switch. Faced with 20 toggle switches, he wisely pulled off to locate the right one before resuming.

The crowd craves contact, but we were not in an obliging mood. Others filled the bill, however. The bus of race leader Chuck Rush struck his brother Eddy's bus at the intersection, and Eddy's bus rolled completely over-but he fired it up and continued racing. Chuck's bus ended up in the Turn 1 wall with a busted radiator. The radiators, we were warned, are $300 apiece.

When it was all said and done, an Eighth Place finish in an 18-bus field was not a bad start. However, it was just a momentary aversion. Don't expect school bus setup tips in the near future. For many, including some staff members, it was a chance to get away and have a little fun. We may even do it again. CT

Editor's Note: Crash-A-Rama returns to Orlando Speedworld on Friday, November 26. Information is available at 386/427-4129 or

What's A . . . ?
Trailer Race: Competitors hook a trailer to a car or truck and run the oval. If the trailer breaks off, the competitor is done. The trailer stays where it comes to rest.

Boat Trailer Race: Competitors hook a boat on a trailer to a car or truck. They race around the oval. If the boat falls off, they're still legal, so they keep going. The boat stays where it comes to rest. The winner must have the trailer attached at the end of the race. There is seldom a boat left intact on the track by the end of the race. They are usually hit and destroyed, either accidentally or intentionally.

Chain Race: Two vehicles are connected by a length of chain (rules may vary on the length). The front car has the ability to accelerate and steer, but has no brakes. The rear car has brakes, but that's it. Drivers communicate by hand signals. The race can be run on the oval, a modified notchback oval, or even a bowtie course. If the chain breaks, the team is out and the driver in the rear car becomes a sitting duck. The former front car needs to slow and find a safe spot. The winner is the first joined pair across the line.

Flagpole Race: a flagpole or similar device is erected at a spot on the track. Drivers must loop around the flagpole before a lap can be scored as complete.

Reverse Race: cars must drive the track in reverse. Small, four-cylinder cars make excellent reverse race cars.

Circle Track Art Director Carolyn Woodard puts up the stencil for the logos. Track officials watched in amazement. No one had put this much effort into a Crash-A-Rama bus.